Brendon Koh

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing Trainer at Equinet Academy Walter Lim

Trainer Bio

Brendon Koh is a digital transformation consultant and software project manager with 10 years of experience in delivering intricate digital transformation projects and products across various sectors, including Events, E-Commerce, Logistics, and Freight Forwarding. Brendon has diversified experiences on digital transformation in various capacities as a events business owner, software agency project manager and digital transformation consultant and brings a wealth of expertise on building scalable, agile and practical software solutions.

As the former Founder, Digital Transformation Director and Lead Project Manager at Hyperfam Pte Ltd, Brendon spearheaded the implementation of custom ERP, CRM, and inventory management software projects for SME & MNCs clients in Singapore and across the world such as Cargo Community Network, Formia, G2K Group, Modismo, Albatross, Pet Revolution, Aretex Group, GiverFirst and Brixee. His hands-on experience in managing lean teams of no-code developers and UI/UX designers has equipped him with practical insights into driving operational excellence through technology-driven solutions. He has also conducted low-code, no-code workshops for various companies and associations.

Brendon’s career journey also includes significant stints as a Consultant and Software Project Manager at Dreamcloud Pte Ltd, where he led large-scale low-code software development projects on Outsystems Platform using hybrid waterfall-agile project management frameworks for prominent clients such as Changi Airport Group, Certis Cisco, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and SIM. While working as a project manager, he was also the co-founder and Managing Director of AGOPSG, a live entertainment services company. Facing the challenge of harmonizing disparate software solutions for his team, Brendon leveraged his business analyst experience in Dreamcloud Pte Ltd to develop a bespoke software solution using no-code tools and successfully streamlined cross-functional processes and data without excessive over-hiring.
Brendon’s commitment to continuous learning and his ability to translate complex concepts into practical insights make him a compelling choice for individuals and organizations seeking to navigate the intricacies of digital transformation in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. With a blend of real-world experience and academic rigor, Brendon is dedicated to empowering professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an era defined by digital innovation and operational excellence.


“Its evident through the notes, course materials and quizzes that Walter is a dedicated professional who is gracious to share his knowledge to the best of his ability. I appreciate the effort he puts in to answering all our questions and guiding us whenever we were in doubt.”

Vicky Sim

“Walter is very clear and patient in his explanation of concepts. He supports and illustrates these with very appropriate examples. I like the design and structure of the course which is well-supported with very organised materials. Walter must have put in a lot of thoughts in designing these and I find them very useful as a reference after the class. Thank you, Walter. It has been an enriching and thought-provoking learning journey for me.”

Phoa Hua Huee, Helen

“Walter’s engaging and humourous teaching style will keep you “glued-in” to the content of the course. The hands-on approach helps to balance the theoretical and practical aspects of Social Media Marketing.”

Bryant Tang

“I am very impressed by the delivery and quality of the online lessons conducted by Walter Lim at Equinet Academy. Walter is very knowledgeable and he is very generous in sharing with his students his wide experience in digital marketing. I believe anyone who interacts with him will benefit a great deal from his passion for social marketing and his willingness to share.”

Tan Pey, Vivian

“Walter is very knowledgeable and is able to share his experiences as well. Good pace of training and very approachable. Great smile and he helps lighten the mood to make it more fun and enjoyable.”

Adrian Teo

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