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Course Description

 Whether you are intending to start your own business or if you are looking at revitalising your brand, it is critical to understand what branding and brand strategy entails in order to develop marketing, communications, and publicrelations initiatives that will make your organisation highly appealing to internal and external stakeholders.

Before proceeding with branding and developing a brand strategy, it is important to distinguish between your business and your brand. Your business is focused mainly on generating revenue while your brand is the visible and experiential aspects of your organisation as perceived by your internal and external

Branding is how you present and position your brand to your stakeholders while brand strategy is the long-term planning behind the development of an irresistible and successful brand. Brand Strategy comes before and informs the branding process; it takes into consideration what the brand stands for, what it promises its stakeholders, how it conducts itself internally and externally, etc.

In today’s digital landscape where communication is two-way, the development of the brand becomes a co-creation process with its stakeholders. Brands have to accept that they are no longer in total control, and that the best way forward is to work with their stakeholders to build a winning brand.

Brands also need to be vigilant regarding what they put out and what their stakeholders are saying about them. When something goes wrong, brands need to take the necessary steps to resolve it quickly. This is especially critical in our cancel culture as it may result in a boycott of your products and services as well as long-lasting damage to your brand reputation.

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, Start-Up Founders, Business Owners, Brand Managers, Marketing Practitioners, Corporate Communications/Public Relations Personnel, Employer Branding Professionals, and anyone who wants to be equipped with the essential skills in brand building and stakeholder management.



You are required to have basic computer navigational skills such as opening and closing, dragging and dropping, copying and pasting of files.

Course Highlights

In this 16-hour Branding & Brand Strategy course, you will:

  • Learn all the elements that go into branding and developing your brand strategy
  • Know of the legal, regulatory, social-cultural, and ethical considerations involved in branding
  • Know how to identify and engage your internal and external stakeholders
  • Know how to analyse and measure your branding effectiveness
  • Learn how to manage your brand reputation via public relations and crisis management
  • Learn relevant case studies and utilise branding tools and resources

Course Objectives

By the end of the class, participants will:

  • Distil the essence of your brand identity
  • Research, visualise and test branding initiatives
  • Lead your stakeholders and work with them to co-create a dynamic brand
  • Establish branding guidelines and a code of conduct for internal stakeholders
  • Know what to monitor and how to respond to external stakeholder comments
  • Identify and implement the correct steps to manage and avert a PR crisis

Course Outline

Download the full course brochure here.

Tip Of The Iceberg

Instructor-Led | Lecture, demonstration, modeling, group activity

  • The World’s Top Brands – ranking and analysis
  • The Visible Tip Of The Iceberg – brand identity (name, logo, tagline, etc.), and brand experience
  • Below The Surface – core values, vision, mission, brand promise, positioning, products/services on offer, internal and external stakeholders, available channels, etc.
  • Surfacing The Brand – encapsulating the essence of your brand and presenting them to your stakeholders
  • The Corporate Structure – where does branding fit in the organisation and what to look out for when hiring agencies and personnel
By The Book

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration, modeling

  • Legal & Regulatory Standards for business operations – an overview
  • Legal & Regulatory Standards for branding and marketing – intellectual property, consumer privacy, the broadcast act, internet code of practice, social media guidelines, and advertising regulations
  • Social-Cultural & Ethical Considerations – consumer demographics, cultural sensitivities, corporate social responsibility, ethical branding, etc.
  • Brand Code Of Conduct and Branding Guidelines – for organisational conformity
  • Sub-Branding & Product Branding Guidelines – distinguishing them in terms of packaging, advertising and content marketing
Rules Of Engagement

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration, modeling, individual project assessment
(multiple choice questions)

  • Apply Design Thinking to engage internal and external stakeholders: empathise > define > ideate > prototype > test
  • Researching Your Stakeholders – conduct the necessary research on stakeholders to determine their needs and wants
  • Research Tools – utilising various tools to conduct the research
  • Stakeholder Desired Experience – visualise initiatives and content that will captivate your stakeholders
  • Create initiatives and content for the various internal and external channels
Two-Way Street

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration, modeling, group activity

  • Embracing the co-creation of a dynamic brand – case studies
  • Feedback & Appraisals – conducting and acting on internal stakeholder feedback
  • Tracking & Responding – knowing what to track and how to respond to external stakeholder comments online
  • Identifying and engaging brand champions, ambassadors and influencers
  • Forming brand communities and encouraging the growth of user generated content
Making Progress

Instructional-led | Lecture, demonstration, modeling, quiz game

  • Progress & The Cyclic Design Thinking Process
  • Internal Indicators of Branding Effectiveness – staff acquisition, turnover, and engagement
  • External Indicators of Branding Effectiveness – sales, web traffic, no. of followers, engagement rate, social sentiment, etc
  • Conducting an Internal Brand Audit – steps, case studies, and resources
  • Conducting an External Brand Audit – steps, case studies, and resources
Full Disclosure
  • Public Relations – upholding integrity and transparency, the key components of the PR Code of Ethics
  • Media Relations – how to develop good relationships with the media
  • Press Release & Press Conference – how to draft the former and organise the latter
  • Spokesperson & Media Training – conduct training for top management and appoint official spokesperson or PR Agency
  • Crisis Management – how to avert a PR Crisis by implementing the 4-Step PR Process


A Certification of Completion will be issued by Equinet Academy upon achieving attendance of at least 75% for the course.

Branding & Brand Strategy Course Certificate


Copywriting & Content Writing Trainer at Equinet Academy Chris Minjoot

Chris Minjoot

Chris is a senior Marketing & Communications professional with over 28 years’ experience as both an inhouse practitioner and as a consultant servicing clients from a wide range of industries. He possesses the unique combination of strategic, creative, technical and writing skills critical for today’s integrated marketing needs.

A Communications graduate, Chris gained invaluable experience in a wide range of marketing related fields including Branding, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Content Marketing, Search Marketing, Advertising, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Audio-Visual Production, and Events.

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Course Schedules

Unfamiliar with how online classes are run? Check out the online classroom learner’s guide.

Choose from online classroom and in-person (face-to-face) classroom learning.

In-Person Course Dates
Course Duration:
2 Days (9am - 6pm)

Course Schedules:
13, 14 Apr 2023 (Thu, Fri), 9am - 6pm
13, 14 Jul 2023 (Thu, Fri), 9am - 6pm

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Online Classroom Course Dates
Course Duration:
2 Days (9am - 6pm)

Course Schedules:
There are currently no course dates available. You may contact us to register your interest for dates when they become available.

Course Fees

Course Fee:
S$798 S$535 (inclusive of GST)


Questions? Check out the frequently asked questions below.

Do I have to prepare anything before attending the course?

For in-person training, do bring along a laptop. You also have the option to loan a laptop from us for the duration of the course. You may also want to bring along a jacket in case the room gets cold.

For online classes, do ensure you have a functional laptop and have Zoom installed prior to class. For more details, you may read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide.

If I have any questions after the course, can I consult the trainer?

Yes, you may contact your trainer after the course. There are other post-training support channels such as the Equinet Academy Insider Community where you may network with like-minded individuals and industry experts and live Ask Me Anything sessions where you may seek advice from a subject matter expert.

What is the difference between online classroom and in-person classroom learning modes?

Typically, in a traditional classroom, classes are conducted with 1 trainer to 20 – 24 learners in a cluster or classroom seating format. Group discussions, group presentations, lectures, peer-to-peer coaching are all conducted face-to-face (in-person).

In an online-based classroom, lessons will be delivered via a video conferencing software, Zoom. Lectures will be conducted via screensharing, while group discussions and group brainstorming will be conducted via “breakout” rooms (individual virtual rooms) to split up discussions into smaller groups. Both learning modes essentially offer the same course content and learning outcomes.

Read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide for a more detailed comparison on both formats.

Can't I learn everything over the internet?

Our courses offer a very hands on approach so that you will be able to apply what you learn immediately. Moreover, our trainers are industry practitioners who will be able to answer your questions and offer expert advice in real time.

We also offer post-training support which includes 2-hour Ask Me Anything sessions with an industry expert for up to 3 years, an online refresher seat within 3 years post-training, access to an insider community, and 3-year access to up-to-date courseware via the learning management system.

Are these short courses sufficient to achieve desirable learning outcomes?

Equinet Academy’s courses are meticulously designed to provide bite-sized yet comprehensive information that are highly relevant to the industry’s needs. Through a combination of individual project work, peer-to-peer interaction, and practice and feedback, trainees can immediately apply the concepts learnt in class to their real world projects.

If you feel that you have not met the learning objectives at the end of the course, you are always welcomed to re-sit the course online without any additional cost. You will also have full access to the courseware online which you may review during and after the course, and post-training support to address any challenges you may face along your learning journey through consultation with subject matter experts.

I'm still unsure whether this course can help me meet my objectives.

If you are unsure about your learning objectives, you may use the Course Selector Tool to get course recommendations tailored to your needs. If you are still unsure whether this course is suitable for you, please leave your contact details here. A course consultant will get in touch with you to recommend appropriate course(s) based on your learning objectives.

Still have unanswered questions? Check out the FAQs page or submit an enquiry.

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Branding and Brand Strategy Course

Build a Distinctive Brand that Impacts and Inspires

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