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Our easy, step-by-step, hands-on training modules will teach you how to create beautiful websites from scratch even with zero coding knowledge.

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Acquire advanced web design knowledge and real world practical skills.

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Instructor-led training with practical hands-on activities to apply what you learn immediately.

Up-to-date Web Design Modules

Learn the latest web design applications and stay updated to modern web design trends.

Featured Work

Below are some examples of past student work and websites that you’ll be able to create after taking our courses.

Courses We Offer

Create a stunning website from scratch, and develop an end-to-end understanding of what drives people to make purchases on your website by soaking in the knowledge offered in our web design courses. Your website is your 24/7 salesperson– maximise its effectiveness today.

WSQ WordPress Website Creation Course

Specialise in building, customizing & maintaining a WordPress website. Achieve your business objectives by learning the detailed process of designing impactful landing pages & webpages.

WSQ User Interface & User Experience Design (UI/UX) Training Course

Develop a firm understanding of the psychological principles that create a desire in consumers and what drives them to make a purchase while picking up technical UX skills along the way.

WSQ Website and Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimisation Course

Learn step-by-step how to improve your bottom line through landing page optimisation, website testing, identifying digital insights, and implementing actionable strategies.

WSQ Copywriting and Content Writing Course

Understand the nuances between content writing and ad copywriting, and discover powerful tools and techniques to take your ideation and writing process to the next level.