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Learn How to Leverage the World’s Largest Professional Network for Your Business

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Course Description

Linkedin is the home to 630 million business professionals. Almost 101 million are decision makers in top brands and 66% of Singaporeans are on Linkedin.

This is where most fortune 500 executives actively look for valuable content for professional & corporate development. If your target audience is in the B2B space, Linkedin is where your greatest opportunities lie. Also, many marketing professionals do not possess relevant skills for Linkedin marketing. This gives you a career advantage over others.

This intensive 2-day Linkedin Marketing Training Course covers the latest Linkedin Marketing strategies, frameworks and concepts. You will learn how to leverage the world’s biggest professional network for your existing business.

To reinforce the concepts, you will be participating in a blend of live exercises, group discussions, role-playing, Q&A sessions and other interactive activities.

You will be provided with a Linkedin campaign manager demo account during the practical sessions on advertising. Participants may also work on their own campaign managers. We encourage participants to have a Linkedin profile before attending (optional).

By the end of the course, you will take away actionable strategies that will enable you to integrate Linkedin to your marketing campaigns.

Target Audience

Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Executives, B2B Business Owners who want to learn how to leverage the world’s largest professional network for your business.



You are required to have basic computer navigational skills such as opening and closing, dragging and dropping, copying and pasting of files.

A personal LinkedIn account is also required for the course.

Course Highlights

In this Linkedin workshop, you will learn:

  • How to find, market and sell to CEOs, Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers and other senior decision makers
  • How to influence entire buying committees in both large and small corporations
  • Proven social selling techniques to gain the attention of decision makers and build your own following of high net-worth professionals
  • The complete Account-based marketing framework & mapping of the B2B customer journey
  • The latest Linkedin advertising strategies that generates more leads, drive website traffic and build awareness to your brand
  • How to establish your brand as an authority and get the attention of your target audience on Linkedin
  • Advanced Linkedin targeting techniques that zeros in on your exact buyer
  • How to scale your Linkedin campaigns: Ad copy, ad creatives, targeting and bidding strategies for higher return on investment
  • How to set-up a personal and business profile that attracts your target audience
  • The difference between Linkedin Sales and Linkedin Marketing. Find out which is more relevant for your present business
  • How to identify the types of job titles, companies and job functions who are visiting your website right now
  • When to use the various ad inventories like inmails, sponsored content, text ads and more
  • When to use Linkedin and not other social media platforms
  • How to use Linkedin’s search engine to identify the right prospects
  • How to maximise Linkedin groups to generate interest with specific audiences
  • Content marketing on Linkedin to beat your competition and stand out
  • The updated Linkedin algorithm and what’s working well for marketing now
  • And more

Course Objectives

By the end of the class, participants will be able to :

  • Assess the need for Linkedin and select the right Linkedin solutions for your business
  • Perform a complete B2B account plan and strategy
  • Understand the skills and techniques for social selling
  • Create a Linkedin profile that attracts your target audience
  • Develop a value proposition that your B2B prospects will respond to
  • Design a Sales cadence that gets higher response rates
  • Create a company page that stands-out
  • Launch an advertising campaign on Linkedin
  • Understand all targeting and ad inventory options on Linkedin
  • Design a content marketing plan to build your authority, credibility and trust on Linkedin

Course Outline

Linkedin Marketing Fundamentals
Instructor-led | Lecture, case study, group discussion, games and group presentation

  • The advantages of Linkedin over other social media platforms
  • Select the right Linkedin solutions & strategy for your business
  • The fundamentals of Account-based marketing and why it is important (Case Study)
  • Linkedin’s latest algorithm for profile search & newsfeed
  • How to create a company page & personal Linkedin profile that stands out
Social Selling on LinkedIn
Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration, Drill and practice, group discussion, games, open class discussion

  • Social selling 101: What is social selling and how to use it for your business
  • Types of connection messages, cadences & inmails to use on senior decision-makers
  • White hat vs black hat techniques on Linkedin
  • Stages of the B2B sales process
  • How to use social research to build accurate personas & audience segments
  • 3 key principles for effective content distribution on Linkedin
Advertising on Linkedin
Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration, Drill and practice, group discussion, games, open class discussion

  • Types of advertising placements on Linkedin
  • Bidding and budgeting strategies on Linkedin
  • Scaling and data optimisation with Linkedin ads
  • Designing advertising copy and creatives for the Linkedin audience (Hands-on)
  • How to use the reporting and analytics function in campaign manager
  • How to hyper-target your ads to only prospects your sales teams are interested in
  • Understanding what is the insights tag
  • Campaign manager structure on Linkedin


A Certification of Completion will be issued upon achieving at least 75% attendance for the course.

LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Course Certificate


Digital Advertising Trainer at Equinet Academy Shaun Lee
Shaun Lee

Shaun is a highly skilled and engaging trainer with over 11+ years of experience in digital marketing and business development. He is an expert in various digital marketing strategies, including performance marketing, web analytics, social media marketing, SEO, and paid search. He brings real-world experience from working for top brands like Bytedance, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Vision Critical, enabling him to provide practical insights and actionable strategies.


“I learnt a lot from this course and the knowledge the trainer shared were very much applicable to my job. I appreciated that Jonathan was able to contextualize his examples and took the time to explain theories/concepts so that we would have a better understanding of how to apply them.”

Iylia Nurliyana, SME Centre@SCCCI

“This course has been helpful in deep diving into the entire journey on LinkedIn, such as creating a profile (individual/company), understanding the buyer’s journey, creating purposeful content to drive our objectives, setting up our ad campaigns and many more.”

Chiew Ling, Hyphens Pharma

“The LinkedIn course was very insightful, organised, and a good investment. As an instructor, Jonathan held us well and I appreciate his ‘down to earth’ personality. He created a peer-learning atmosphere and had extensive experience in the subject matter.”

Eslinda Hamzah

Why Learn at Equinet?

At Equinet, we are passionate in delivering quality training and want to see you succeed. Get expert advice, learning resources, and post-training support for up to 3 years.

Re-Attend the Course Once Within 3 Years

Forgotten what you've learnt after some time? Resit and re-experience the entire course in-person or online.

3-Year Access to the Courseware via Our LMS

Get 3-year access to the updated course slides, templates, and guides. Be ready to implement the concepts learnt.

Post-Training Mentoring with Industry Experts

Facing challenges during implementation? Consult our experts in a small group setting. Regularly scheduled.

Lifetime Access to Community Support Group

Be part of an exclusive support forum where you can post questions, discuss, and get feedback from fellow learners and experts.

Course Schedules

LinkedIn Sales And Marketing Course
In-Person17, 18 Oct 2024 (Thu, Fri)9.00am - 6.00pm
Online (Zoom)07, 08 Dec 2024 (Sat, Sun)9.00am - 6.00pm

Course Fees

Course Fee:
S$588.00 (inclusive of 9% GST)


Questions? Check out the frequently asked questions below.

Is Linkedin really important for Digital Marketing?

Linkedin houses the largest professional network in the world. 4 out of 5 members members drive business decisions in organisations. A study by Demandwave shows Linkedin being the #1 social network for generating quality leads. Moreover, Linkedin’s audience have x2 the buying power of the average web audience.

While B2B businesses is a direct fit, even B2C businesses could be equipped to reach Linkedin’s fast growing network of engaged professionals.

What's the difference between this Linkedin Marketing Course and other courses offered by Equinet like Social Media Marketing Course?

The Linkedin marketing course dives into deep details of Linkedin’s platform. It contains a comprehensive coverage of the Linkedin campaign manager that no other courses cover. There will be modules on content marketing, ad optimisations, bidding strategies and creative tactics for Linkedin specifically.

The WSQ Social Media Marketing course covers a comprehensive overview of various popular social media platforms and how to develop and implement a social media marketing strategy.

Is this course only for B2B businesses?

If you’re in a B2B business, then this is a direct fit. However, we are increasingly seeing higher levels of engagement on the platform. More B2C companies are joining in conversations within Linkedin. Linkedin is on a massive upward trend on user engagements; Which means huge opportunity even for B2C brands to stay ahead. Linkedin is also not a crowded space now and you will be able to cut through your competitors easily if you get started early. Many marketing professionals do not have the skills on Linkedin and this gives you an edge over them too.

Do I have to prepare anything before attending the course?

For in-person training, do bring along a laptop. You also have the option to loan a laptop from us for the duration of the course. You may also want to bring along a jacket in case the room gets cold.

For online classes, do ensure you have a functional laptop and have Zoom installed prior to class. For more details, you may read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide.

You will also need to have an active LinkedIn account as there will be a hands-on practical session on creating LinkedIn Ads.

If I have any questions after the course, can I consult the trainer?

Yes, you may contact your trainer after the course. There are other post-training support channels such as the Equinet Academy Insider Community where you may network with like-minded individuals and industry experts and live Ask Me Anything sessions where you may seek advice from a subject matter expert.

What is the difference between online classroom and in-person classroom learning modes?

Typically, in a traditional classroom, classes are conducted with 1 trainer to 20 – 24 learners in a cluster or classroom seating format. Group discussions, group presentations, lectures, peer-to-peer coaching are all conducted face-to-face (in-person).

In an online-based classroom, lessons will be delivered via a video conferencing software, Zoom. Lectures will be conducted via screensharing, while group discussions and group brainstorming will be conducted via “breakout” rooms (individual virtual rooms) to split up discussions into smaller groups. Both learning modes essentially offer the same course content and learning outcomes.

Read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide for a more detailed comparison on both formats.

Can't I learn everything over the internet?

Our courses offer a very hands on approach so that you will be able to apply what you learn immediately. Moreover, our trainers are industry practitioners who will be able to answer your questions and offer expert advice in real time.

We also offer post-training support which includes 2-hour Ask Me Anything sessions with an industry expert for up to 3 years, an online refresher seat within 3 years post-training, access to an insider community, and 3-year access to up-to-date courseware via the learning management system.

Will there be video recordings of the session made available for reference after class?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide video recordings of the class due to PDPA regulations (Personal Data Protection Act). However, all courseware and e-learning videos are accessible online via the learning management system for 3 years. You may also sign up for a complimentary online refresher course for up to 3 years post-training.

Are these short courses sufficient to achieve desirable learning outcomes?

Equinet Academy’s courses are meticulously designed to provide bite-sized yet comprehensive information that are highly relevant to the industry’s needs. Through a combination of individual project work, peer-to-peer interaction, and practice and feedback, trainees can immediately apply the concepts learnt in class to their real world projects.

If you feel that you have not met the learning objectives at the end of the course, you are always welcomed to re-sit the course online without any additional cost. You will also have full access to the courseware online which you may review during and after the course, and post-training support to address any challenges you may face along your learning journey through consultation with subject matter experts.

I'm still unsure whether this course can help me meet my objectives.

If you are unsure about your learning objectives, you may use the Course Selector Tool to get course recommendations tailored to your needs. If you are still unsure whether this course is suitable for you, please leave your contact details here. A course consultant will get in touch with you to recommend appropriate course(s) based on your learning objectives.

Still have unanswered questions? Check out the FAQs page or submit an enquiry.

Course Fee


inclusive of GST

Linkedin Sales and Marketing

Learn How to Leverage the World’s Largest Professional Network for Your Business

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