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Bridge the gap between UI/UX and marketing. Improve your customer experience and increase conversion rates.

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Course Description

User Experience (UX) used to be a term that was largely associated with designers. Today, UX has gone beyond design and extended its reach into building quality experiences for customers. When used correctly, UX best practices can optimise almost every aspect of a business – it’s a vital aspect of fulfilling a business’s objectives.

By the end of the course, you will be able to incorporate UX concepts into your marketing strategy and design implementations. You will learn some of the key UX factors that you should be focused on, as well as essential tools UX Designers use to optimise designs, conversion rates, and much more, to create meaningful experiences on their digital platforms and products.

Target Audience

Marketing professionals, Marketing Strategists, Content developers, Creatives, or Business Operations Professionals who are required to understand how User Experience (UX) thinking can be used to shape their business and marketing strategy and implementations, as well as how to better collaborate with designers to deliver a superb user experience to garner maximum outputs

Course Highlights

The bridge between UX and Marketing is a firm understanding of the consumer– it is important to know how they act, what they like, and most importantly, what drives them to make a purchase.

Another connecting thread between UX design and Marketing is creating desire in consumers through psychological principles. Marketing aims to make products desirable to customers so that they’ll spend money to purchase the product, and UX design aims to make products desirable to users, so that they’ll have a great experience while using it.

In this course, we will bridge the gaps between UX, business, and marketing to help you ensure long-term growth and success. You will learn:

  • Design Thinking and its integral part in UX Design to create solutions and solve problems
  • Overlapping traits between UX Design and Marketing
  • Key UX Factors that Marketers should be aware of to create:
  • A good visual experience (graphic and UI designs)
  • Loyal customers and brand ambassadors
  • UX Research Techniques and how they will benefit your Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy by allowing you to:
  • Know your target market better – customer insights, demographics, and the creation of customer personas
  • Create Customer Journey Maps
  • Construct simple wireframes
  • How to work with UX Designers to create a better experience
  • And much more

Course Objectives

By this end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the UX design process and how it can help businesses
  • Know what makes a good User Experience
  • Understand what your users experience when your Marketing reaches them
  • Understand user behaviors and know how they interact with your business
  • Create User Personas and utilise them in the UX design process for their business objectives
  • Understand secondary research methods of seeking information about your users
  • Understand the UX Honeycomb and how it can shape products/experiences that are valuable
  • Apply UX Honeycomb principles to social media campaign planning
  • Understand what makes a great User Interface
  • Set up an Information Architecture (IA) Structure, Content Inventory, and Sitemap
  • Create a paper website wireframe and port it over to a simple prototyping tool
  • Understand what a Usability Test is and why it is so important
  • Develop your own Usability Test Plan for a specific product or service

Course Outline

Download the full course brochure here.

Introduction to User Experience (UX) Design and its roots in Design Thinking

Instructor-Led | Lecture, Group Discussion, Group Presentation

What is Design Thinking?

  • The 5 Steps of Design Thinking
  • How Design Thinking and UX Goals are aligned
  • Common Misconceptions about Design Thinking

What is UX Design?

  • Key differences between User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)
  • Why is UX Design so important?
  • The UX Design process
  • What are good and bad User Experiences?
Bridging the gap: UX Design & Marketing

Instructor-led | Lecture, Demonstration and modelling, Individual Exercise

  • Where do Marketing and UX Overlap
  • Problem Statements – a method for identifying all forms of business issues
  • Using UX to boost each stage of your Conversion Funnel
  • Understanding user perspectives at each stage of the Conversion Funnel
  • Understanding your potential customers
Understand your customers better with UX

Instructor-led | Lecture, Demonstration and modelling, Practice and feedback

  • Why is user research so important?
  • Essential steps in the UX design process
  • User personas
  • Why are user personas important?
  • Benefits of user personas
  • Characteristics of a good user persona
  • Scenarios and personas
User-Centric Approach to Marketing

Instructor-led | Lecture, Demonstration and modelling, Practice and feedback

  • What is first-hand Information?
  • Where can we find first-hand information?

Empathy Mapping

  • What are Empathy Maps used for?
  • Characteristics of an Empathy Map
  • Why and when to use it?

Customer Journey Mapping

  • What it is used for
  • Characteristics of a Customer Journey Map
  • Why and when to use it

Other Exercises to try with your users

  • Personification Exercise
  • Love Letter Exercise
The UX Honeycomb and Social Media

Instructor-led | Lecture, Practice and feedback, Demonstration

What is the UX Honeycomb?

  • Facets of the UX Honeycomb
  • From Peter Morville’s version to Katerina Karagianni’s version
  • How the UX Honeycomb can be applied to social media
User Interface Design (UI Design)

Instructor-led | Lecture, Practice and feedback, Demonstration

  • 10 tips for creating a great user interface
  • Website Checklisting
  • Paper Sketching
  • Transferring your Paper Sketches onto a Prototyping Tool

Information Architecture

  • What is Information Architecture (IA)?
  • The role of an Information Architect
  • Creating your Content Inventory
  • Combining your Content Inventory with your Sitemap
User Testing / Usability Testing

Instructor-led | Lecture, Practice and feedback

  • Usability tests – why are they so important?
  • How to conduct a simple usability test
  • Creating and using a Usability Test Plan
  • Conducting your own usability test and how to keep it smooth
  • Other forms of testing
Assessment Component
  • Individual Project Work
  • Case study (Written Assessment)


A Certification of Completion will be issued upon achieving at least 75% attendance for the course.


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Face-to-face classroom learning mode: Each participant will be provided a Windows laptop for the duration of the course. Participants may however opt to bring their own laptops.
  • Online-classroom learning mode: Personal computer, stable internet connection of at least 10mbps, webcam, microphone, video conferencing platform, and other logistical requirements outlined in the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide.


Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing Trainer at Equinet Academy Walter Lim
Jeremiah Maximus Lim

Jeremiah has a decade of experience in both B2B and Consumer Marketing and another six years of experience as a WordPress Developer / Graphic Designer. He worked in-house as Head of Marketing with several F&B groups before starting UNGRUMP, where he has worked with clients such as Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles, Fitness First, Impact Investment Exchange, Workwell.SG and many more clients across Southeast Asia.

Corporate Clients

Be assured of the highest quality of training in the classroom.

Post-Training Support

On top of having access to your trainer’s contact, you will also enjoy the following post-training benefits:

Complimentary Refresher

1 free refresher seat (re-sit the course online) within 1 year after the course.

Clinic Sessions

Unlimited complimentary 3-hour small group clinic sessions with a subject matter expert for up to 3 years.

Alumni Support Group

Be part of a support group where you can post questions, discuss, and get feedback from the community.

Career Assistance

Fast track your career in digital marketing through our job placement assistance program.

Lifetime Course Membership Access

Gain lifetime access to constantly updated course resources via the learning portal.

Course Schedules

Unfamiliar with how online classes are run? Check out the online classroom learner’s guide.
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Choose from online classroom and in-person (face-to-face) classroom learning.

In-Person Course Dates
Enhanced safety measures in place aligning to MOH's guidelines.

Course Duration:
2 Days (9am - 6pm)

Course Schedules:
31 Mar, 1 Apr 2022 (Thu, Fri)

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Online Classroom Course Dates
Enhanced safety measures in place aligning to MOH's guidelines.

Course Duration:
2 Days (9am - 6pm)

Course Schedules:
6, 7 Jun 2022 (Mon, Tue)

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Course Fees

Course Fee:
S$750 S$500 nett


Questions? Check out the frequently asked questions below.

What is the difference between the online classroom and face-to-face traditional classroom?

Typically, in a traditional classroom, classes are conducted with 1 trainer to 20 – 24 learners in a cluster or classroom seating format. Group discussions, group presentations, lectures, peer-to-peer coaching are all conducted face-to-face (in-person).

In an online-based classroom, lessons will be delivered via a video conferencing software, Zoom. Lectures will be conducted via screensharing, while group discussions and group brainstorming will be conducted via “breakout” rooms (individual virtual rooms) to split up discussions into smaller groups.

Both learning modes essentially offer the same course content and learning outcomes.

Read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide for a more detailed comparison on both formats.

Is 2 days sufficient to meet the learning objectives?
Equinet Academy’s courses are designed to provide bite-sized yet comprehensive information to be delivered within 1-3 days. The courses not only include theory but also hands-on practical experience so that trainees can take away applicable knowledge.

If you feel that you have not met the learning objectives at the end of the course, you are always welcomed to resit the course online without any cost on your end. You will also have lifetime access to the courseware online which you may review, and post-training clinic sessions to address your challenges with a subject matter expert.

If I have specific questions relating to my User Interface and User Experience Design work after the course, can I consult the trainer?

Yes, you may most certainly book unlimited complimentary 3-hour small group clinic sessions with a subject matter expert for up to 3 years to clarify your doubts or address any challenges you may be facing. The links to book your clinic sessions will be emailed to you after your course.

Do I have to prepare anything before attending the course?
For in-person training, do bring along a laptop. You also have the option to loan a laptop from us for the duration of the course. You may also want to bring along a jacket in case the room gets cold.

For online classes, do ensure you have a functional laptop and have Zoom installed prior to class. For more details, you may read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide.

Are there any other prerequisites/ criteria I need to meet in order to attend this course?

You are required to have basic computer navigational skills such as opening and closing, dragging and dropping, copying and pasting of files.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for this course via this link. Once you have registered for the course, we will follow up with you via email regarding your course registration.

I'm still unsure whether this course can help me meet my objectives

If you’re unsure about your learning objectives, you may complete this 3-question survey or claim your free 5-step Digital Marketing Strategy Guide. If you are still unsure whether this course is suitable for you, please leave your contact details here. A course consultant will get in touch with you to recommend appropriate course(s) based on your learning objectives.

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S$500.00 Nett

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User Interface & User Experience Design (UI/UX)

Bridge the gap between UI/UX and marketing. Improve your customer experience and increase conversion rates.

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Course Fee

S$500.00 nett