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Thomas is a native Digital and Branding Strategist. He is a digital marketer with more than 20 years of client experience across Banking (Citibank), Tech (Skype), Telcos (Singtel) and agency background (Ogilvy & Havas). Tom is a seasoned integrated marketer with experiences in Digital Marketing domains (SEO, Content, Social, Programmatic, Performance & Mobile Marketing).

As a senior practitioner with these organizations , he has managed regional and in-country teams with P&L responsibilities. Tom has developed greenfield markets and launched award winning marketing campaigns for new products and services (Cannes, POPAI, MARKIES, EFFIEs). He is a tireless and trusted evangelist who has shared and served as a senior counsel to C-suites and various start-ups on their digital transformation and go to market business strategies.

Tom has served as an adjunct lecturer at NUS-ISS imparting his digital and social knowledge to the next generation workforce. He is an ACTA qualified facilitator and trainer who actively conducts digital masterclass and workshops for MNCs and local SMEs (Chang Beer, CapitaLand, MOTUL, OUE, Huawei, NTUC Income, 3M). Tom’s is a certified digital marketing practitioner with accreditations from Global Marketing Organizations.

Tom graduated with Masters in Banking and Finance from University of Southampton and Undergraduate Degree in Economics from the University Of Technology Sydney. In his down time, Tom is also active in the start up scenes actively providing pro bono consulting to budding entrepreneurs.

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“Attending the course has helped me to attain a better and more in-depth understanding on the content marketing strategy. Tom is good at connecting the modules (contents) through a variety of tools (YouTube videos) and examples which is particularly useful and easily relatable. He is always also immensely helpful and generous with his knowledge and insights. Thank you!”
– Oh Siew Bee

“This is my 5th module for the digital marketing course. I have been extremely impressed by the trainers I met, and Tom is no exception. He is truly knowledgeable and was able to impart his skill and experience in the field of Content Marketing Strategy effortlessly. There were a lot of topics to cover, the individual assessment exercise and the group exercises have been helpful to distillate the theories learnt.”
– Tan Pey Vivian

“I have learnt a lot from Thomas’s class in Content Marketing Strategy. He is not only competent in delivering his lesson but also able to engage with the class with games and discussion sharing. Thomas even went the extra mile by providing useful contents for our own companies on how we can generate better content ideas. I will keep in touch with him as he is an expert in the field of content marketing!”
– Ronald Elijah Li

“Tom is an incredibly detailed and engaging trainer. He checks in regularly to make sure everyone is keeping up, and actively creates discussions in the classroom. This engages everyone and ensures that we also learn from our peers in the industry. He is also very experienced and knowledgeable about this subject. Many thanks to Tom for sharing his experience.”
– Nisha Sharda

“I have attended courses at other institutions and I just feel the course structure and notes are much more professional and organised and not cobbled together from the internet. Having said that, the instructor was a nice and affable chap and informative about the subject at hand.”
– Ravi Mirch

“Tom is personable, highly open to questions and is extremely generous about sharing his experience. I got a lot of useful information not only from the content, but from his examples and from his recommendations on what works for him in his own practice. Time well spent.”
– Natasha

“I learned a lot during my session with Tom and my understanding has deepened to the different aspects of Content Marketing. It will be useful for my client as well as my own business. Tom was knowledgeable and patient in answering our questions. Glad to be able to be part of this class.”
– Marilyn Tjitra

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Content Marketing Strategy
Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

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