Kevin Dam


Trainer Bio

Kevin is the Founder and Director of Product & Marketing for Aemorph Digital Agency.

Kevin started in digital marketing, specialising in Search Engine Optimisation after leaving a career in banking and finance. With gathered since 2010, Kevin has spent hundreds of hours devising strategies and guiding his team to help clients across all industries including F&B, Finance, Insurance, E-commerce, Medical, B2B services and SaaS companies, serving clients such as MSIG Insurance, Bizcover Insurance, Liberty Insurance, TWG Tea, Aura Group, Merger Markets (Acuris), Aura Group, B Capital and dozens of local SME’s, across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United States and Singapore.

In his capacity as the lead consultant and strategist for client campaigns, he’s facilitated SEO migrations and site revamps consisting of 4-5000 pages that lead to a 20% increase in traffic. In another case, Kevin helped revitalise an outdoor furniture client after a botched CMS migration from WordPress to Magento and helped this outdoor furniture client recover their rankings, originally from top 5 before migration, to page 3, to recovering and improving their position back into the top 3 rankings. In a third case local to Singapore, the client was not getting results after 6 months working with a provider but after making the switch to Kevin’s agency saw a 620% increase in traffic to well over 10,000 visits a month and growing profit.

Kevin is also a certified adult educator with the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP) awarded by the Institute of Adult Learning (IAL).

Kevin is a dedicated practitioner and trainer who’s paving the way by helping companies create profitable online channels and delivering high quality, relevant and easy to implement training to ensure learners can get immediate results and build upon their knowledge.


“It was a good experience for me in attending the SEO certification program by Equinet Academy as it provided comprehensive explanation and concepts of SEO. Kevin is very helpful and always ready to clarify any doubts there may be.”

You Jia Hao, Jayven

“It was a very useful course covering SEO, and the steps taken in an SEO process, going in-depth at each step of the process as well as the tools involved in setting up a successful SEO. Kevin is a great trainer with his wealth of experience in SEO. I appreciate that he has incorporated his professional expertise during the lesson and showed us SEO across various tools, which will be very applicable in real-life corporate situations.”

Wenyi Saw

“SEO is a subject that is technical and dry, but not Mr. Kevin Dam’s SEO training class. He did not use many technical or big words. My non-technical course mates were able to understand. He used single illustration and examples to help my course mates and me to understand better. He kept repeating the key concepts to ensure we registered them into our memory muscle.

During our practical sessions, Kevin instruction was direct and clear. He explained the action to be taken and the outcome. He class pacing was good. Many thanks Mr. Kelvin to helping to kick start my SEO learning journey.”

Chia Teck Hwee

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