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Shaun Lee Digital Marketing

Shaun comes from a rich background of B2B sales, social media marketing, demand generation, marketing operations and marketing strategy.

During his tenure as a global digital marketing leader, he was awarded by Linkedin as a top paid media specialist. His advertising strategies drove 90% more sales conversions while reducing marketing cost by 30%. Shaun’s campaigns beat industry benchmarks and was recognised as one of the best performing campaigns in 2018 by Linkedin’s digital team.

Shaun’s advertising experience include managing million dollar digital budgets. Using the latest digital strategies, Shaun helps MNCs, SMEs & entrepreneurs maximise their ROI on Linkedin. More than just advertising, Shaun was able to create an ecosystem of data enrichment capabilities. This enabled his teams to achieve B2B precision targeting on traditionally B2C platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google. He has helped a Canadian tech start-up rapidly grow to a seven-figure profit within 1.5 years.

Playing a key role in previous marketing agencies, Shaun had the opportunity to consult top brands like Grab, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, NUS (and more) with their online marketing & go-to market strategy. This exposure gave him a holistic view of data analytics, social selling, conversion rate optimisation, A/B testing and PPC. Being experienced in multi-step email cadences and complex marketing operations on Pardot and Marketo, Shaun helped in the implementation of an intent-based technology that allowed his team to identify in-market audiences rapidly. This led to more accurate and timely marketing messages to his audiences, which translated to higher sales conversions.

An ACTA-certified trainer, Shaun has trained hundreds of corporate individuals on demand generation, social media marketing, online marketing, and field marketing. He has led trainings at notable companies like Evernote Corporate, NTUC Learning Hub, Shell, ST Engineering, Mediacorp, and e2i.

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“Having attended 2 other modules thus far, Shaun was the best trainer one could ask for! He is extremely passionate, engaging and very willing to listen or help students if time allows him too. He handles students who did not pay attention well and professionally by not losing his cool after repeating for 6-7 times. I would have smashed the laptop. Jokes aside, I could say that though it was a weekend course, I did not dread waking up early for it as it was valuable learning for me! Kudos to Shaun!”
– Gwen Ng Sin Ee

“Shaun Lee is an amazing trainer! His enthusiasm makes me look forward to class and the new skills and knowledge that I can take away from the course. He is overly willing to go through the class assignment when I was struggling or just wanting him to check my work off lesson time, and that is very impressive as he is not obligated to do so. His passion for conducting the lesson inspires me! Thank you so much Shaun!”
– Edna Chew

“It has been a pleasant learning experience in Digital Advertising. Though some sections of the course were a bit technical (dealing with Google Ads, etc), Shaun was able to guide his students at a good pace and patiently. Shaun has a cheerful disposition and he makes learning this topic enjoyable.”
– Tan Pey Vivian

“Had opted for the zoom class during early stage of circuit breaker. Was a little curious and apprehensive about effectiveness of a WSQ classroom-based course taken online. Thoroughly enjoyed the DA session by trainer Shaun Lee in the comfort of my living room. Well prepared, engaging, approachable clear voice, Shaun managed our expectations well and constantly checked learners’ understanding and involvement via chat replies and group exercises. He demonstrated his DM experiences extensively through actual demonstration of theoretical concepts, as well as his readiness to take on our questions. Very amazed at trainer and course provider’s readiness for the online class. Great stuff!”
– Jocelyn Sim

“Shaun is a very interactive and friendly instructor who takes the time to answer questions patiently and reiterate important points. Also, the only instructor to put on music during break times and before the course starts, which I think helps to make the course seem less intensive, and more enjoyable. He has a very light-hearted manner of teaching which helps to make the material more accessible, and regularly engages the students in case study discussions which helps a lot in absorption and implementation of key ideas and concepts.”
– Xie ShunHeng

“Another amazing course! 5th course with Equinet Academy and I have to say all their trainers including Shaun (who is the trainer of this course) are very experienced and knowledgeable. Shaun was able to capture my attention throughout the course and I learned a lot from his sharing of experiences. Thank you and highly recommended!”
– Poon Chee Wei

Courses Shaun Facilitates:

LinkedIn Sales & Marketing
Digital Advertising

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