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Learn How to Develop and Run Successful Digital Advertising Campaigns

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Modes of Delivery:
In-Person or Online Classroom

Duration: 16 Hours (2 Days)

Accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore (WSQ)

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Course Description

5-Step Digital Advertising Framework

5-Step Digital Advertising Framework

Consumers in Singapore spend more than two thirds of their waking hours on digital devices daily, with the top gadget used being the smartphone. With the advent of the smartphone, digital disruption is here to stay and brands need to adopt a customer-focused digital strategy to cut through the noise and stay relevant.

Digital advertising is one of the ways to efficiently reach a wide targeted audience and effectively deliver timely and relevant marketing messages to achieve marketing and business objectives. A well-developed and well-targeted digital advertising campaign can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Significantly improve brand recall (by consistently displaying your ads to your target audience) and drive brand awareness and interaction
  • Showcase your ads to relevant customers at appropriate stages of the consumer buying journey, increasing the likelihood of securing purchase
  • Amplify the synergy between both online and offline channels (Omni-channel) and to deliver a consistent omni-channel customer experience
  • Increase your reach – as consumers today spend a significant amount of time on digital devices (mobile, tablet, desktop)

This 2-day Digital Advertising course provides you with a realistic and practical setting where proper understanding and interpretation of how each digital advertising channel functions and performs beats sloppy guesswork and assumptions.

To better facilitate the learning, a mix of group work, discussions, case studies, and role-playing will be used. Packed with a combination of successful and unsuccessful real world case studies, you will learn how to identify and avoid costly mistakes and most importantly develop and implement successful Digital Advertising campaigns.

Target Audience

Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers, Business Owners, and Digital Marketing Account Managers who oversee/manage paid media and digital advertising campaigns.

Course Highlights

In this digital advertising course, you will learn:

  • How to objectively plan, implement, and measure your media effectiveness across various digital advertising channels
  • How digital advertising plays a role in the marketing ecosystem and customer journey
  • How to develop and execute a holistic digital advertising campaign, optimise and critique performance metrics
  • How to appropriately critique key performance metrics and be smart about it (key metrics to analyse and optimise to ensure your campaign objectives are met)
  • How to navigate and manage internal and external business stakeholders in a strategic manner
  • And much more

Course Objectives

By the end of the class, trainees will be able to:

  • Determine appropriate digital advertising channels and platforms that are best suited to market the product / service offering.
  • Analyse consumer behaviour and buying journey to uncover planning considerations for the marketing mix and identify digital advertising campaigns that are best suited to market the product / service offering
  • Formulate and implement digital advertising plan to achieve business and marketing objectives
  • Set up measurement and reporting tools to evaluate performance of marketing mix against business results
  • Leverage strengths of traditional and digital marketing channels, and apply best practices of integrating both traditional and digital marketing efforts

Course Outline

This course comes with 3-year free access to the e-learning course videos.

Download the full course brochure here.

Introduction to Digital Advertising Channels
Instructor-Led | Lecture, class discussion, group discussion, group presentation, group project work

  • Understand the Digital Advertising platforms and channels – (Facebook, Google, Aggregators, PPC, SEM, Social, Programmatic) and their impact on the business (Preview Lesson Video)
  • Understand Advertising formats (native, text-based, banner, social, video, sponsored, content, push notification, rich media)
  • Understand the Programmatic Advertising ecosystem (RTB, DSP, SSP, Retargeting/Remarketing)
  • How to select the right digital advertising channels to achieve marketing objectives
Understanding the Consumer Journey
Instructor-led | Lecture, group discussion, group presentation, group project work

  • Understand the digital customer and the digital buying behaviour (Preview Lesson Video)
  • How to develop a customer persona
  • Identify digital advertising campaigns that are best suited to market the product / service offering
  • Mapping the customer journey and digital touchpoints
Develop Digital Advertising Plan
Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, case study, drill and practice, group discussion, group presentation, group project work

  • Define and understand the difference between Metrics and KPIs
  • Mapping metrics and KPIs with business and marketing goals
  • Framework to develop a digital advertising plan
  • Prioritising digital advertising channels based on marketing goals and budget
  • Determine budget framework for each digital advertising channel
  • Develop and implement channel-specific digital advertising strategic action plans
  • Understanding messaging, copywriting and creative
Digital Advertising Analytics
Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, case study, class discussion

  • Tools and platforms to measure and track campaigns
  • Dashboards for management and teams
  • Analysing and interpreting reports to measure the impact of digital advertising campaigns on the business performance
Integrating Offline and Online Advertising
Instructional-led | Lecture, class discussion

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of traditional and digital advertising channels based on customer behaviour and sales performance
  • Best practices on integrating traditional and digital advertising efforts
Assessment Component
  • Short Answers/Structured Questioning (Written Assessment)
  • Case study (Written Assessment)
This module is part of the Certified Digital Marketing Strategist (CDMS) Programme, comprising of 6 core modules.


A SkillsFuture WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA) – ICT-SNM-4006-1.1 Integrated Marketing under the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) and Certification of Completion by Equinet Academy will be awarded to trainees who have demonstrated competency in the NICF WSQ Digital Advertising course assessment and achieved at least 75% attendance.

*This course is accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore under the WSQ Skills Framework ICT-SNM-4006-1.1 Integrated Marketing
Course Codes: TGS-2019503422 / TGS-2020505251


Basic computer knowledge.

Face-to-Face classroom learning mode: Each trainees will be provided a windows laptop for the duration of the course. Trainees may however opt to bring their own laptops.

Online-classroom learning mode: Personal computer, stable internet connection of at least 10mbps, webcam, microphone, video conferencing platform, and other logistical requirements outlined in the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide.


Shaun Lee Digital Marketing
Shaun Lee

Shaun comes from a rich background of B2B sales, social media marketing, demand generation, marketing operations and marketing strategy. Playing a key role in previous marketing agencies, Shaun had the opportunity to consult top brands like Grab, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, NUS (and more) with their online marketing & go-to market strategy.

Roy Wee
Roy Wee

With more than 14 years in the digital field, Roy has managed a wide range of both paid and owned digital channels from SEM, Social Media, Display, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Marketing Automation, and Mobile Marketing. As a result, he has extensive experience in managing an eCommerce business, digital marketing, UI/UX and guiding brands/organisation through the digital transformation process.

*Only one trainer will be facilitating per class.


“The Digital Advertising course was a good course covering the various aspects of digital advertising, with concise information and hands-on sessions within a short duration of 2 days. Through this course, I have developed a better understanding of the various tools and platforms used in digital advertising.”

Wenyi Saw, Adidas

“Before the course, I wasn’t very sure of what type of KPIs to track for my campaign, and I wasn’t very confident in building my own digital strategy without assistance from my colleagues. I was also very new to SEM and had no prior experience with it.

However, after attending the course and doing the assessment, I have gained more knowledge in how Google search and display ads work, and the whole mechanics behind it. I now have more confidence in building my own digital marketing plan and I have more interest to learn and improve in my SEM skills.

Overall, course experience was good and the trainer was very engaging. Thank you for the great session!”

Charissa Goh

“The Digital Advertising course has given me better insight of how digital ad campaigns are planned, created and evaluated. Even though it was my first time using the Google Ad Manager platform, it was relatively easy to navigate and understand the features of the program with the guidance and patience of the trainer.”

Tan Li Xing

“With little to no knowledge of digital advertising, this module has given very good insights into the platforms and tools. The hands-on practice is very useful in helping me understanding the process, features and functionalities. ”

Magdelene Chua, Huntsman Corporation

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Course Schedules

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Choose from online classroom and in-person (face-to-face) classroom learning.

In-Person Course Dates
Enhanced safety measures in place aligning to MOH's guidelines.

Course Duration:
2 Days (9am - 6pm)

Course Schedules:
22, 23 Nov 2021 (Mon, Tue), 9am - 6pm Limited seats
13, 14 Dec 2021 (Mon, Tue), 9am - 6pm Limited seats
23, 24 Dec 2021 (Thu, Fri), 9am - 6pm Limited seats
20, 21 Jan 2022 (Thu, Fri), 9am - 6pm
3, 4 Mar 2022 (Thu, Fri), 9am - 6pm
19, 20 May 2022 (Thu, Fri), 9am - 6pm
18, 19 Jun 2022 (Sat, Sun), 9am - 6pm

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Online Classroom Course Dates
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Course Duration:
2 Days (9am - 6pm)

Course Schedules:
28, 29 Oct 2021 (Thu, Fri), 9am - 6pm Full house
11, 12 Nov 2021 (Thu, Fri), 9am - 6pm Full house
11, 12 Dec 2021 (Sat, Sun), 9am - 6pm Full house
21, 22 Feb 2022 (Mon, Tue), 9am - 6pm Limited seats
19, 20 Mar 2022 (Sat, Sun), 9am - 6pm
28, 29 Apr 2022 (Thu, Fri), 9am - 6pm

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Course Fees & Fundings

Course Fee:

Course fee after eligible SSG Subsidies:

From S$328.56 (inclusive of GST) after 70% SSG Subsidies

Self-Sponsored Individuals

SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES) – 70% funding:
Eligible for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above

$888 $328.56 (inclusive of GST of $62.16)
(Nett course fee payable after MCES funding) Course fees after subsidies can be further offset by SkillsFuture Credit.

Self-Sponsored Singapore Citizens and Singapore PRs – 50% Funding:
Singapore Citizens and Singapore PRs above 21 years old who do not qualify for MCES funding

$888 $506.16 (inclusive of GST of $62.16)
(Nett course fee payable after SSG funding) Fees can be further offset by SkillsFuture Credit for Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above. Singapore Citizens aged 21 to 31 may also offset fees with the Post Secondary Education Account Funds

Company Sponsored (SMEs):

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) – 70% funding:
Eligible for SME Company-sponsored Singapore Citizens and Singapore PRs

$888 $328.56 (inclusive of GST of $62.16)
(Nett course fee payable after ETSS funding) Course fees after subsidies can be further offset by Skillsfuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC)

Company Sponsored (Non-SMEs)

SSG Non-SME Grant – 50% funding:
Eligible for Non-SME Company-sponsored Singapore Citizens and Singapore PRs who do not qualify for MCES funding

$888 $506.16 (inclusive of GST of $62.16)
(Nett course fee payable after SSG funding) Course fees after subsidies can be further offset by Skillsfuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC)

SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES) – 70% funding:
Eligible for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above

$888 $328.56 (inclusive of GST of $62.16)
(Nett course fee payable after MCES funding) Course fees after subsidies can be further offset by Skillsfuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC)

Check eligible grant amount and nett payable course fees via the grant calculator.


Questions? Check out the frequently asked questions below.
What is the difference between online classroom and face-to-face classroom?
Typically, in a traditional classroom, classes are conducted with 1 trainer to 20 – 24 learners in a cluster or classroom seating format. Group discussions, group presentations, lectures, peer-to-peer coaching are all conducted face-to-face (in-person).

In an online-based classroom, lessons will be delivered via a video conferencing software, Zoom. Lectures will be conducted via screensharing, while group discussions and group brainstorming will be conducted via “breakout” rooms (individual virtual rooms) to split up discussions into smaller groups.

Both learning modes essentially offer the same course content and learning outcomes.

Read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide for a more detailed comparison on both formats.

How is this course different from other digital advertising courses in the market?
This course provides you with bite-sized, yet comprehensive and actionable digital advertising strategies and tactics that you can implement right after the course. Unlike other Diploma and certification courses, which are packed with assignments and require a long-term time commitment, you can get a comprehensive overview of what digital advertising is all about in two days. After completing this course, you can then progress to the Advanced Digital Advertising course and other advanced and elective digital marketing courses.

At Equinet Academy, we are committed to delivering quality training:

  • We provide you with 3-year access to up-to-date course materials (learner’s guide, slides, templates, and other training resources) which you can still access after the training via the learning portal.
  • You will not sit through hours and hours of dry and tormenting lecture. Instead, you will experience fun and engaging sessions as we apply instructional design learning methodologies such as group discussions, group project work, case studies, interactive quizzes, and hands-on implementation of the concepts learnt.
  • You will be guided by an experienced professional in the field of digital marketing, who will be able to provide you with actionable advice and costly mistakes to avoid, thus shortening your learning curve.
  • You will be provided with additional support after completing the course.
Is 2 days sufficient to meet the learning objectives?
Equinet Academy’s courses are designed to provide bite-sized yet comprehensive information to be delivered within 1-3 days. The courses not only include theory but also hands-on practical experience so that trainees can take away applicable knowledge.

If you feel that you have not met the learning objectives at the end of the course, you are always welcomed to resit the course online without any cost on your end. You will also have 3-year access to the courseware online which you may review, and post-training Ask Me Anything sessions to address your challenges with a subject matter expert.

If you want to further your knowledge and skills in digital advertising, you may progress to the advanced Digital Advertising course to learn practitioner-level skills.

Can't I learn everything online?
Our courses offer a very hands on approach so that you will be able to apply these digital advertising strategies learnt in the course in real life practical situations. Moreover, our trainers are industry experts who can clarify your doubts in real time. We also offer post-training support which includes unlimited 2-hour Ask Me Anything sessions with an industry expert for up to 3 years, an online refresher seat within 3 years post-training, forum support, and 3-year access to up-to-date courseware via the learning portal.
If I have specific questions relating to my digital advertising campaigns after the course, can I consult the trainer?
Yes, you may most certainly book unlimited complimentary 2-hour Ask Me Anything sessions with a subject matter expert for up to 3 years to clarify your doubts or address any challenges you may be facing. The links to book your Ask Me Anything sessions will be emailed to you after your course.
Do I have to prepare anything before attending the course?
For in-person training, do bring along a laptop. You also have the option to loan a laptop from us for the duration of the course. You may also want to bring along a jacket in case the room gets cold.

For online classes, do ensure you have a functional laptop and have Zoom installed prior to class. For more details, you may read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide.

As there will be WSQ assessments conducted in this course, you are required to bring along your NRIC or any form of photo identification for ID verification purposes.

Are there any other prerequisites/ criteria I need to meet in order to attend this course?
You are required to have basic computer navigational skills such as opening and closing, dragging and dropping, copying and pasting of files.

If you have no prior experience in sales and marketing, attending the Digital Marketing Strategy course prior to this course is recommended, although not a requirement.

Will this course allow me to acquire sufficient skills to find a job as a digital marketer?
Though you may gain useful skills and applicable knowledge after completing this course, landing a job in digital marketing is a different level as some field experience is required. For more information on kickstarting a career in digital marketing, you may explore our Digital Marketing Career Portal.
Are there any funding or government subsidies for this course?

You may be eligible for up to 70% SkillsFuture subsidies. If you wish to check your funding eligibility, you may complete step 1 of the course registration form to check your nett course fees payable after all available subsidies.

For more information on all available course funding/grants/subsidies, you may check out this FAQ page.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up for this course through this link. Once you have registered for the course, we will follow up with you via email regarding your course registration.
I'm still unsure whether this course can help me meet my objectives.
If you’re unsure about your learning objectives, you may use the Course Selector Tool to get course recommendations tailored to your needs, or claim your free 5-step Digital Marketing Strategy Guide. If you are still unsure whether this course is suitable for you, please leave your contact details here. A course consultant will get in touch with you to recommend appropriate course(s) based on your learning objectives.
Still have unanswered questions? Check out the FAQs page or submit an enquiry.



after 70% Subsidies inclusive of GST. Original Course Fee: S$888.00

WSQ Digital Advertising

Learn How to Develop and Run Successful Digital Advertising Campaigns

Check your funding eligibility (up to 70% subsidies) and reserve your seat

From S$328.56
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