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Ian is the co-founder of Roots Digital, an award-winning digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore, who has worked with great brands like Microsoft, Intel, BRAND’S, Takashimaya and more. He led the company to receive numerous industry-recognised awards from Marketing Interactive and expand its footprint to countries like the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Ian has worked with some of the largest brands and organisations, spearheading the success of their digital marketing campaigns. Some of his clients include the Ministry of Education, the National University Cancer Institute Singapore, and Parkway Pantai. 

Ian’s expertise lies in eCommerce marketing and lead generation for businesses, specialising in customised digital marketing services ranging from search engine optimisation and digital advertising to social media marketing and digital marketing analytics.

Passionate and dedicated in the field of digital marketing and education, Ian sits on the curriculum development board and regularly conducts classes in some of the top universities and educational institutions in Singapore.


“Ian is extremely knowledgeable in this field and generously shares practical tips and information which he also contextualises to different learners and industries. Really insightful!”

Boey Sook Yean Tammy

“Ian was very patient in answering my questions and explaining the issues I faced. He is always seeks to gather feedback to improve the course material and structure.”


“Ian is very patient and detailed in terms of his sharing of his personal experience in running ads. This is something that cannot be taught through theory.”

Tan Yu Hui

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