SEO Audit Template

What is Included in This Download?

Having trouble ranking your website on the first page of Google? Unsure whether your website is optimised for the latest Google’s algorithms? This SEO audit template will come in handy to diagnose any search engine optimisation-related issues that could be hindering your organic search engine rankings on Google.

This SEO Audit Template consists of 10 parts:

Part 1: List of SEO Tools Used
Part 2: Top Site Pages and Keywords Each Page is Ranking For
Part 3: Keyword Opportunities
Part 4: Site Architecture
Part 5: Technical SEO Issues
Part 6: Search Engine Penalties
Part 7: Duplicate Content
Part 8: Internal Link Audit
Part 9: Off-page SEO Backlink Audit
Part 10: SEO Performance Review

We also have a 2 days hands-on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) course for you to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages and also oversee SEO campaigns.

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