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What Our Trainees Say

“I learnt a lot from this course and the knowledge the trainer shared were very much applicable to my job. I appreciated that Jonathan was able to contextualize his examples and took the time to explain theories/concepts so that we would have a better understanding of how to apply them.”

Iylia Nurliyana

“This course has been helpful in deep diving into the entire journey on LinkedIn, such as creating a profile (individual/company), understanding the buyer’s journey, creating purposeful content to drive our objectives, setting up our ad campaigns and many more.”

Chiew Ling

“The LinkedIn course was very insightful, organised, and a good investment. As an instructor, Jonathan held us well and I appreciate his ‘down to earth’ personality. He created a peer-learning atmosphere and had extensive experience in the subject matter.”

Eslinda Hamzah

What Our Trainees Say

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