Digital Marketing Strategy Plan Template

What is Included in This Digital Marketing Strategy Plan Template?

Any brand that wants to get ahead in the current business climate needs to have a solid digital marketing strategy plan. This is especially important if your business objective is to ramp up sales for the online audiences.

A digital marketing strategy is a series of actions that help you achieve your company goals through selected online marketing channels. It is a master plan to achieve a long-term or macro goal.

Great brands like Uniqlo, Dominos and even Sephora has been making headlines for its growth by having this strategy. As a result, they have managed to leverage on digital and is transforming the way consumers shop.

Within this free template, it contains audits that helps you identify gaps that may hinder your campaign’s success. It also contains a detailed guide on personas evaluation.

With the importance of marketing objectives planning, this handy template guides the user to take concrete steps for improving business outreach. For instance, it has a portion on digital marketing campaign plan which details business objectives down into digital goals.

To identify any slack in digital marketing performance, it also has a segment  giving you a roadmap on creating both a digital marketing analytics and optimization plan.

This Digital Marketing Strategy Plan Template consists of 6 parts:

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan

  1. Executive Summary (brief that precedes a business plan)
  2. Digital Marketing Audit (an examination of the performance of digital channels)
  3. Market Research and Analysis (This is then broken down into each sub-category of customer personas, digital market analysis, competitive benchmarking, and SWOT analysis)
  4. Marketing Objectives and SMART KPIs (goals that specify the intentions of the marketing department)
  5. Digital Marketing Campaign Plan (specific tactics used to achieve more micro, short-term goals within the digital marketing strategy)
  6. Digital Marketing Analytics and Optimisation Plan (to improve your digital marketing performance)

Should you need to gain a more comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategy, campaign development & implementation, we have a 2 days hands-on Digital Marketing Strategy course for you.

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