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A career in Digital Marketing can be hugely satisfying. You get to see tangible growth and results from your efforts, and a visible impact on your audiences or clients. It can be especially rewarding when you find a fix for a problem that results in measurable improvements to a website’s performance or campaign.

Traditional marketing is slowly being taken over by digital marketing as the internet enables marketers to interact with targeted audiences of all ages in real time. Another huge draw of Digital Marketing is that it provides cost-effective marketing and reach. This further cements its position as a cornerstone in most organisations’ marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing in 2019

According to recruitment firm Robert Walters Asia, the forecast for 2018 onwards looks to be rosy. There has been an increasing demand for digital marketing candidates in the past 3 years, and it looks likely to continue in the years to come as brands continue to use online platforms to connect and engage with their target audiences.

Digital Marketing is more than just creating a Facebook Page and running some advertisements to get Likes on your post.

With companies seeking to reach a broader audience, it is essential for them to utilise digital platforms such as social media, email, and mobile marketing. Furthermore, an omnichannel approach offers more value for businesses, allowing them to approach their audiences from different angles and platforms.

However, adopting an omni-channel strategy does not mean using every available channel, or as many channels as possible. It’s about figuring the sequence of events (customer buying journey) which takes place leading up to the action of purchase, and determining which channels best lead to the success of that.

Therein lies the difficulty: finding out how to execute efficiently and track accurately. This also led to an increased demand for candidates who are comfortable with numbers and using analytics tools.

It’s all about the money

In a perfect world, it would be all about the career journey, and the lessons and friends you make along the way. But it isn’t always, because bills have to be paid. So let’s take a look at the renumeration offered by employers here in Singapore.

For junior and executive positions, candidates are expected to have a broad understanding of digital marketing concepts and strategies. However, if they choose to specialise in one channel, employers would expect them to have a portfolio or evidence of practical experience.

The salary package offered will vary with candidate’s years of experience and industry standards. These are not absolute and should only be taken as a guide. Salary figures are sourced from: Robert Walters,, Morgan McKinley.

Job Roles

Salary Range

Digital Marketing Executive$30,000 - $38,400
Copywriter$31,200 - $54,000
Assistant Marketing Manager$38,200 - $54,000
SEO Specialist$39,000 - 57,000
Paid Media Specialist$42,000 - $72,000
Lead Digital Strategist$4500 - $5800
Digital Marketing Manager$55,400 - $90,000
Social Media Director$100,000 - $125,000
Digital Marketing Director$130,000 ++

On Social Media Manager VS Community Manager

A social media manager is more focused on the logistics and operations of various brand channels, they plan campaigns, distribution of content and evaluate brand impact. They are responsible for the performance of social media, making sure that each platform is properly utilised through measurement and analytics.

Community managers focus on people and personalities. They interact with users on behalf of the brand, posting and publishing content on various social platforms. They’re often the face of the brand in the digital space, and the internal advocate for customers. Social listening and monitoring is an important part of their job as they funnel information internally from all digital platforms.

Like most other jobs, it takes years of experience (at least 10 years for director level) to reach the top. However, the journey will be an enriching and fulfilling one.

Companies would expect candidates to possess a degree in marketing or communications. For entry-level positions, some employers may consider a diploma. However, you may wish to supplement your qualifications with certificates from online courses, distance learning programs, or local institutes.

Sometimes, the digital marketing modules in university or institutional curriculum focuses more on the theoretical aspect and rarely offer actionable insights which you can apply directly to your work. This puts the candidate at a disadvantage because the learning curve at their workplace would be steep and they’ll struggle to catch up.

Ideal Qualities of a Digital Marketer

Some may think that digital marketing is only for the young ones, the older marketers may have difficulty catching on. However, that is not true. Not all millennials are born digitally-savvy, they just grew up with the platforms. Being good at this industry requires more than just knowing how to navigate the digital landscape. Age is, after all, just a number.

An ability to condense and present information neatly in a visual manner is a core skill of a good marketer as they have to analyse different metrics and optimise sales. Furthermore, the ideal digital marketing employee is expected to be able to articulate their thoughts confidently and coherently.

Showing that you’re able to build a personal brand and an online presence adds brownie points to your credibility. Some examples include having a blog or social media page that posts relevant content, or showing that you’ve cultivated a small online following, or creating a personal brand.

Most employers would indicate whether a degree or diploma is required. However, in this online era, it is possible to land a marketing gig (depending on the organisation) with a good portfolio, marketing certifications online and offline, and strong commendations from reputable industry professionals.

An internship or online side project will showcase your skills to the hiring manager and puts you at a greater advantage. Don’t forget to set up a LinkedIn account and feature your achievements! Here and here are some stellar examples from hopeful graduates around the world.

Knowing and understanding the industry jargon helps too, as it will come in handy if you have to evaluate pitches and hold meeting with a digital marketing agency.

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For example, Search Engine Optimisation, a niche yet essential aspect of any digital strategy, has been steadily gaining popularity in Singapore. A lot of marketers and business owners are starting to recognise the long-term value that SEO brings to the table. Want a slice of the pie? Start by familiarising yourself with the phrases- check out this comprehensive SEO Glossary.

Wang Yaoxian, Senior Project Manager at Zombits, a local digital marketing agency, says that there is high demand for candidates who are able to demonstrate problem solving capabilities and have an analytical mindset. “Because in real life, things don’t go according to plan and you need to be able to think on your feet and address the problem at the first opportunity. The inability to assess and process a course of action quickly can be very detrimental.”

As for advice on the good habits that a digital marketer should have, he says, “Develop habits that exercise your brain. I like to stay updated on current affairs, spend some time catching up on what’s happening in the world and think about how it could affect me, my work, or my client, regardless of whether or not it is practical or applicable.”

The biggest brands of tomorrow will be built online

There are no magic ingredients or secret potions to having a successful career in digital marketing. You basically need to be a creative problem solver. And to remember that marketing is always about connecting with an audience.

Having a finger on the pulse of the industry is great, but subscribing to all those ebooks and mailing lists won’t be doing much to get you that job offer or promotion. In an industry that moves at an incredibly fast pace, you have to take action and like many others, look at ways to upgrade your digital marketing skills by attending digital marketing courses, and staying competitive.

Gwen is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Equinet Academy. She is passionate about content creation and making digital marketing less daunting for small businesses. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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