Long Description

Brckts is a small digital marketing agency in Singapore with 5-10 employees. Founded in 2014, Brckts is a digital storytelling collective run by a group of competent people who’re creating remarkable brand stories to help businesses achieve their goals using digital platforms. As a result-driven advertising and marketing agency, Brckts uses content as a powerful tool to build effective online identities.

Brckts provides a range of digital expertise including social media, digital media, storytelling, content marketing, digital PR, influencers marketing, guerrilla marketing, data analytics, and video advertising. While the agency has been striving to deliver result-driven services to a diverse range of businesses, from small companies to large corporations, many Singaporean brands have already hired Brckts to undertake content strategy and manage social media presence. Brckts is committed to helping brands create selling stories and real values in the digitally connected age.

Services Provided
Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing
Year of Establishment
Business Phone Number
+65 68162971
Business Address
10B Trengganu St, #03-00, Singapore 058464