3-Hours Advanced SEO Workshop

Conducted by Ahrefs in Partnership with Equinet Academy

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According to SEO expert Patrick Hathaway, SEO is the art and science of connecting people to website content, through the medium of a search engine. Good SEO comes from a deep understanding of what potential audience members want to find on the internet, and how to deliver content that fits this need, aligned with a technical setup that enables search engines to recognise that your content is a good fit for their users. As a strategy, SEO is one of the best tactics in terms of scalable, long-term results. As long as your website or articles are ranking in Google for relevant search queries, you’ll receive consistent, organic search traffic. This intensive 3-hours workshop will cover advanced SEO and content marketing strategies you can apply to your existing business right away. By the end of the workshop, you will take away actionable SEO marketing tactics that will enable you to grow your website’s organic traffic and get more sales.

This workshop is a collaboration between Ahrefs and Equinet Academy.

Workshop Outline

Advanced Keyword Research and On-Page SEO (1.5h)

Presented by Si Quan Lectures, group discussions, group presentations, demonstration and modelling, hands-on activity

  • The biggest mistake marketers make in content marketing and SEO
  • How to determine the traffic potential of a keyword
  • Advanced keyword selection techniques
  • How to build a gigantic list of keyword ideas (Related guide: How to Do Keyword Research)
  • How to prioritise your list of keyword ideas
  • Understanding search intent and translating this to action
  • How to conduct an extensive on-page SEO audit (Advanced)
  • Diagnosing SEO issues and fixing them

Advanced Off-Page SEO Tactics (1.5h)

Presented by Rebekah Lectures, group discussions, group presentations, hands-on activity

  • How to decide what content to produce
  • How to write blog posts that will rank on Google in the long term
  • Advanced content SEO techniques
  • Advanced content promotion tactics
  • Advanced link building techniques
  • How to track (and report) content marketing and SEO efforts


    Rebekah Bek

    Rebekah started out as a creative copywriter in global advertising agencies, working on brands like Jaguar and Panadol before going client-side to develop content strategy for Marina Bay Sands and Under Armour. She sincerely understands the pain of trying to sell your boss/team/clients on quality content and SEO, and is glad she ended up where she is now: a Marketing Manager at Ahrefs.

    Ong Si Quan

    Si Quan (SQ for short) is the Customer Success and Marketing Manager at Ahrefs, an industry-leading SEO tool that helps to grow your search traffic, research your competitors and dominate your industry. SQ has 3 years of digital marketing experience, and has helped several tech companies grow their traffic and sales via content marketing and SEO.

    Event Details

    23 Apr 2019

    7pm – 10pm

    10 Anson Road, #25-08 International Plaza, Singapore 079903

    Entry Fee:
    $150. Early Bird:  $15 

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