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Dhawal Shah

Dhawal Shah is an entrepreneur, coder and adventurer with extensive experience in digital marketing, digital transformation and management.

He is a Director at 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency, an award-winning regional digital marketing agency, that he co-founded in 2012, with a growing team of specialists spread across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India & the Philippines. He has worked on hundreds of successful digital marketing projects with clients ranging from startups to MNCs.

He is well-versed in product development & management and possesses deep knowledge in performance-driven digital marketing strategy and analysis that incorporates SEO, online advertising, social media, email automation and data analytics.

Additionally, Dhawal has developed and delivered courses around the region in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia. These include digital marketing training for corporate clients and digital transformation & technopreneurship workshops for international governments via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore.

He was an early employee at a startup in Silicon Valley, which was later acquired by Skype and an engineer at the Defense Science Technology Agency (DSTA) in Singapore, where he managed large-scale, multi-million dollar Enterprise IT projects.

Dhawal co-founded a self-developed eCommerce startup in 2012 for which he successfully raised $50,000 in 30 days via a Kickstarter campaign. Through the use of SEO and content marketing, he built a blog that grew to over 100K unique visits per month in organic traffic in the space of 8 months to grow sales.

Driven by a keen sense of adventure, he most recently braved Class 5 rapids in New Zealand’s Rangitata River and swam with dolphins in Kaikoura, NZ. He has also summited Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent.

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“I have learnt digital marketing course via squared online. They also taught GA but not in depth. I learnt lots more through this course and thanks to Dhawal, the whole course interesting. From how to setup, tracking the code, step by step which I learnt a lot! Overall, I have to say the entire course much better than Squared Online. Thanks :)”
– Heng Shao Cheng

“I have benefited tremendously from attending the Digital Marketing Analytics course as a total beginner and I learned way more than I had expected. Dhawal Shah is truly knowledgeable and professional in delivering the course content. He was also very patient and helpful in passing on the knowledge efficiently. The registration process was a breeze and the administrative support was prompt throughout the entire process. Thank you very much!”
– Oh Siew Bee

“Although the time for the course was very tight, I learnt a lot about the functionality of Google Analytics which would help me apply them in my job. Shah is also an excellent trainer who is deeply knowledgeable in digital marketing – he is very patient in guiding us throughout the last 2 days. I hope to attend more courses under the digital marketing and social media marketing series.”
– Justine Goh Yan Nar

“Dhawal was knowledgeable and helpful during the 2-day course. Beside covering the course materials, he made sure to demonstrate how to access the different sections of the tool as well as give real-life examples on how the lesson content would be applied. I really enjoyed the course. Thank you!”
– Teo Teng Teng Kellie

“Before attending the course, I had little knowledge about Google Analytics and how useful it can be to inform marketing choices. After attending the course, I felt like I’ve only scratched the surface of GA but it has certainly opened my eyes to the importance of analytics and how understanding the data provided can help with learning about your audience, knowing how they found you and deciding what can be improved. I really enjoyed the course and Dhawal has been extremely helpful in answering my queries. He also poses challenging questions at times for me to crack my brains, so it helps in applying what I have learnt. Cannot wait to apply it to my work!!”
– Rachel Boo Qin Hui

“It is very obvious that Dhawal is dipping into a pool of vast experience which he is then imparting onto us. It’s very difficult (at least for me) to grasp the very technical aspects of this course, but the constant chance to try out and apply what was taught in assignments after each chunk of information has been relayed, was very important for retention, and comprehension. This was the first course I have heard more than a few course mates say that they were finding it hard to catch up, but I would definitely attribute it to the contents of the course, rather than Dhawal, who was patient and helpful consistently.”
– Xie ShunHeng

“Fantastic trainer – Dhawal. He is knowledgeable on these terms and technicalities and understanding that we do not have such background, he makes it relevant for us especially for non-tech, non-data analyst roles. Dhawal has been very patient and responsive to any sort of questions during the course. Well done!”
– Adam Piperdy

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Digital Marketing Analytics (Google Analytics Certification)
Advanced Digital Marketing Analytics (GAIQ)

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