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Teck Seng is the founder of Lemonade, a Singaporean creative design agency specialising in web design and development.

As a webmaster and SEO consultant for leading companies, Teck Seng and his team created and managed websites that attained high conversion rates. His works have earned him numerous accolades and praises, for both their design and skills in digital development. Teck Seng and his team were awarded by CSSWinner, CSSDesign Awards, Awwwards, and Singapore Website Award (SWA).

With more than 15 years of experience, his team has worked on web development projects spanning the South East Asian region. Lemonade IT also recently added the websites of Takashimaya, Astro Arena (Malaysia), and Pezzo Pizza to their portfolio. All their projects reported a significant increase in leads and online conversations.

He believes that the foundation for strong branding lies in brand visibility- empowered by building websites that are both machine and human friendly.

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“Teck Seng knows his work well and is certainly an amazing trainer. His explanation is clear, precise and he is extremely patient when students face problems. His industry knowledge further compliments his website development capabilities. I will have no reservation to recommend to my friends to learn from Teck Seng!”
– Patrick Ee

“This course has made me more informed about the web design. I started off not knowing anything, but this course helped me and equipped me with the relevant skills necessary to create a web page. Even though this course was done online, Teck Seng was extremely helpful and patient with his teaching and was clear. I have benefited in many ways and would recommend others who are beginners to take this course as well.”
– Yong Sek May

“Teck Seng is a very patient instructor. He tries his best to make sure that every student was following the class. It was not easy to conduct a course online when he does not see our faces, but he demonstrated professionalism as an instructor. I will take another class with him if there is an opportunity. Thank you, Teck Seng.”
– Lim Lee May

“Clear, engaging and systematic course, with sufficient opportunities for guided hands-on. I had done this course online due to the Circuit-Breaker Measures and am thankful that I still managed to learn what is required. Overall, this is a course I would recommend. The trainer is knowledgeable on the topic and has lots of practical experiences to share. Thank you for the engaging and relevant course!”
– Cheng Pei Yun

“Teck Seng is deeply knowledgeable and patient in guiding all participants through each step of the course. The structure of the online delivery was smooth and well-thought out. However, the ability of the participants to effectively follow the course varied quite significantly, with some participants struggling with basic functions. To Teck Seng’s credit he handled these with great patience and professionalism.”
– Tan May Li

“Teck Seng is incredibly open in sharing his expertise. Extremely patient towards slower learners to ensure they fully understand the module. Excellent attitude! Glad that I took up this course.”
– Li Yuzhen

“Teck Seng has been very patient throughout the entire course and waited for everyone to complete the steps before he moved on. Noticed he took extra time to help others who had questions too! Thank you.”
– Tiffany Then

Courses Teck Seng Facilitates:

WordPress Website Creation

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