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What Our Trainees Say

“The lessons were succinct yet insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed the perfect blend of theory along with real world practical case studies and scenarios which had enabled me to better grasp the concepts. Moreover, the timing and the flow of the lessons were just right.”

Bella Clarissa Jane

“This course provided a very good overview of digital marketing and the types of frameworks, tools, and metrics required for a comprehensive strategy. With the deep dive of topics in the subsequent modules, I am confident in implementing a holistic digital marketing strategy for my organization.”

Magdelene Chua

“The course content is detailed and has practical application purposes. I found that the course was very useful in learning about key metrics to take note of when setting up a digital marketing strategy as well as how to go about structuring a digital marketing plan.”

Shih Qing Pamela, Ninja Logistics Pte Ltd

What Our Trainees Say

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