20 Google Search and Display Ads Best Practices Checklist

What is Included in This Download?

With Google monopolising the search marketing scene by accounting for 72% of the global search traffic (source: NetMarketShare) it’s no surprise that the Google Ads paid search platform is an indispensable digital marketing tool for most businesses.

But with enormous reach also comes enormous competition. So how can you better optimise your ads to stand out from the rest?

In this free Google Ads checklist, you will find 20 actionable best practices and examples from successful brands to follow when creating your next text and display ad creatives.

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Examples of ad creative best practices include:

✓ Having a Compelling Offer
✓ Speaking to One Specific Target Audience
✓ Making Your Offers Easy to Comprehend
✓ Including a Relevant Call to Action
✓ Displaying Credibility and Reliability
✓ And a host of other essential elements which marketers tend to forget to implement on their ad creatives

Preview this checklist:

google ads checklist preview

With better creatives and copy, your ad relevance improves and this drives qualified clicks, conversions, Quality Scores, and conversions.

To have a more complete understanding of display ads, we have a 2 days hands-on Digital Advertising course for you.

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