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The WordPress Web Design Awards Contest 21/22 is a contest for all Equinet trainees to showcase their website or e-commerce store for a chance to win some prizes and get some recognition for their hard work. The contest is closed and now, it is time for YOU to cast your votes! Along with the judges’ decision, your votes will count towards the selection of the final 3 winners.

Vote for your favourite website by clicking on the like button. Every individual will only be allowed to vote for ONE website so choose your favourite and choose wisely!

Voting closes: 10 April 2022, 12pm

Happy voting!


Yora is an e-commerce website that sells insect-based food for dogs and cats. Besides providing an easy way for customers to purchase their products, the website also offers informative tips and guides regarding the benefits and feeding guide for pet owners out there.

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Reedz Cafe

Reedz Cafe is a cafe that aims to provide affordable, quality eats and drinks to customers, with 4 outlets open as of today. The website design is a modern contemporary look with pages detailing their 4 outlets for SEO purposes.

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Price Care

Price Care is an e-commerce platform that offers a large variety of products such as baby fashion, digital & mobile, fashion & accessories, health & beauty and home & lifestyle. The website offers an easy way to navigate between the categories and purchase an item.

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Serial System

Serial System owns and operates a synergistic global distribution network, and are major suppliers of electronic components. The website is a corporate website that showcases the brand’s businesses and corporate profile that would be of interest to investors and potential clients.

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UniSerial is specialized in the distribution of semiconductors in industrial, storage and automotive segments and is the key partner of the world-leading manufacturers. With a single page website, it includes information about its products, their specifications and a quick way for potential customers to contact them.

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Prime Aces Limousine

Prime Aces Limousine is a Singapore-based ground transportation company that provides premium limousine services. Customer experience is one of the company’s main priorities and is reflected in its website which allows customers to experience a very straightforward booking experience.

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Thai Wholesale Clothing

Thai Wholesale Clothing is a ladies clothes supplier that custom makes clothes and clothing labels, located in the heart of the wholesale clothes market Pratuman in Bangkok. The website provides all the information need for customisation as well as an automated chatbot that customers can use to immediately contact customer service.

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DixmondSG Professional

DixmondSG Professional is a homegrown hair care brand that offers organic, chemical-free and non-damaging hair products with safe ingredients. The website offers customers a platform to purchase all their different hair products, as well as tips for your hair care. Plus, they also have a 24/7 automated hotline to answer any questions customers might have.

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Orangeba is an e-commerce platform showcasing the collection of aspiring young Asian Brands from Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The website lists a variety of clothing apparels for both men and women, and allows ease of shopping.

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Mindspace Design

Mindspace Design has earned the reputation of being a trustworthy interior design and built company. Likewise, the website is minimalistic in its design and colours used, and clearly displays their company as a brand, its services and the company’s past projects.

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Normanton Park

Normanton Park is a newly launched project in District 05. The website is very informative and goes in-depth with details of the project to encourage people who are interested in investing in the property.

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APSS is a leading procurement and supply chain solution provider. The website details out the full scope of solutions available plus informative details about the company while keeping the design of the site clean.

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Parc Clematis

Parc Clementis is a newly launched project in District 05. The website provides a clear overview of the project with a design that is simple to navigate, encouraging people who are interested in the property to contact them.

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Perfect Family Shop

Perfect Family Shop is an e-commerce platform that offers a large variety of products ranging from pet supplies to car safety products. The website offers an easy way to navigate between the categories and purchase the items. 

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Expressive World

Expressive World provides various courses that helps you create a strong online presence, offering writing services to young graduates and working professionals. The website showcases their different services and includes a blog with content from topics such as writing a resume and the usage of English phrases.

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