Terms & Conditions

1) Collection of outstanding course fees
a. SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) provides grants/funding on condition that trainees complete at least 75% of the course and pass the assessment. Equinet Academy will collect net course fees with the understanding that self-sponsored trainee/organisation enrolling the trainee in the course will make every effort (including ensuring that training grant is submitted timely and trainee passing any compulsory assessments during the course) to ensure the claim is successful. In the event that trainee fails to pass the assessment or for any reason is unable to claim the grant/funding from SSG, Equinet reserves the right to collect the outstanding course fees (eligible funding amount by SSG) from self-sponsored trainee or the organisation enrolling the trainee in the course.

b. The amount payable quoted on the registration form and invoice assumes that the information provided by registrant is accurate. In the event that the information submitted to Equinet Academy is found to be inaccurate, the actual amount payable may be higher than the amount quoted. In such a scenario, Equinet Academy reserves the right to collect the balance payment from the self-sponsored trainee/organisation enrolling the trainee.

c. If trainee (self-sponsored) submits a claim to use their SkillsFuture credits but does not attend the course, Equinet will refund the credits to SkillsFuture and bill the trainee for the claim amount.

2) Confirmation of seats
Upon registration, trainees must complete payment of net fees and submit their grant application to SSG in order to confirm their seats. Equinet reserves the right to release the trainee’s reservation if trainee fails to pay the net course fees or complete submission of subsidy claim at least 7 days before the start of their course.

3) Postponement and cancellations
For cancellation or rescheduling of your registered course, kindly inform us at least 7 working days before the course start date in order to get a refund on the course fees, less credit card/PayPal transaction fees. Kindly note that for cancellations/rescheduling received less than 7 working days, an administrative fee of 20% of the course fee will be charged. Please note that for cancellations/rescheduling received less than 3 working days, 50% of the course fees will be charged. In the case of cancellations/rescheduling received less than 1 working day, full fees will be imposed.