22 Must-Have Elements in a Blogpost (Template)

Must-Have Elements in a Blog Post Template.002

What is Included in this Download?

Writing a blogpost can be daunting and mentally exhausting, especially if you are experiencing writer’s blog and struggling to deliver your work on schedule. At times like these, having a little structure to start from would help immensely.

In this free to download cheatsheet and template by Equinet Academy, we cover 22 must-have elements for your blog post.

From little tweaks to make your article more SEO-friendly to crafting a compelling headline, examples of must-have elements to incorporate in any blogpost include:

✓ Compelling title
✓ Call-to-action with a strong value proposition
✓ Social sharing buttons
✓ Comments section
✓ Curiosity gap
✓ Clear and readable fonts
✓ Subheadings that support and reinforce the post title
✓ Bullet points
✓ SEO tags and more

Download this cheatsheet now and keep it close for future reference when you create your next blogpost.