40+ Landing Page Best Practices

What is Included in this Download?

Landing pages are, generally speaking, any page that a user lands on after clicking a search result or advertisement. The goal of a landing page is normally to direct a user to take an action: whether to sign up with a form, create an account, or checkout their shopping cart.

However, there’s often an overlooked aspect about landing pages. A landing page is your best chance at creating a good first impression for your brand – and first impressions are hard to shake. A landing page looking like a flashy pop-up from the 90s will only result in your visitors labelling your brand as spam.

We’ve included this over 40 best practices into a concise and easy-to-digest guide for your enjoyment (read time: 17 minutes). These are all actionable and easy to implement.

In this free guide, you will learn:
✔ The dos and don’ts of landing pages
✔ The anatomy of a landing page
✔ Easy-to-remember tips for overhauling your page, to nail more conversions

Here’s to landing pages that convert!