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Course Description

This 1-day Programmatic Advertising course covers a broad overview of how Programmatic works, proven strategies and the steps to set up a Programmatic campaign on a Demand-Side Platform (DSP). The content will be broken down into 4 stages (Fundamentals of Programmatic, How Programmatic Works, Programmatic Strategies and Programmatic Optimisation).

Each stage will be built upon the last, giving attendees a wholistic and easy-to-follow course structure that flows. Begin by gaining a firm foundation through understanding the rise of Programmatic and the important role it plays in marketing. Then, move into the more technical aspects, when topics such as real-time-bidding, the Programmatic ecosystem, ad networks and ad exchanges, demand and supply side platforms and data management platforms will be discussed in detail and contrasted with each other to provide you a clear picture of their roles.

Following this, use the knowledge you will gain of these tools to move into the most exciting part – learning how to formulate strategies and implement them. Blend, target, choose, understand how to handle pricing matters and eventually, set up a Programmatic advertising campaign on a DSP in a hands-on, step-by-step exercise. After this, learn how to optimise various Programmatic campaigns that you might encounter in the future by using relevant metrics. Finally, end the day by discussing the future of Programmatic, all while gaining lifetime access to our industry-standard, updated course materials.

Target Audience

This Programmatic course is suitable for Client-side and Agency-side Marketers who want to harness the potential of programmatic advertising campaigns but have little to no knowledge of how it works and where to begin.

Course Highlights

What you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of programmatic advertising and the importance of this channel
  • How programmatic works: Real – Time Bidding (RTB), Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Supply Side Platform (SSP)
  • Considerations needed to kick start a programmatic campaign and when to
  • How to manage a programmatic campaign in-house or through an external digital agency
  • Better communicate with key stakeholders within an organization
  • Strategies to develop comprehensive programmatic advertising campaigns

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand programmatic trends and the future of programmatic
  • Analyse different programmatic mediums such as Display, Native, Digital Out of Home, and Social Media Ads and select the most suitable mediums to achieve defined marketing objectives
  • Better communicate with key stakeholders through understanding how the programmatic ecosystem and methodologies work
  • Assess and select most suitable targeting methods within a programmatic campaign
  • Propose appropriate programmatic platforms and tools for a business
  • Set up and launch a programmatic advertising campaign on a Demand-Side Platform
  • Analyse programmatic campaign performance and optimise for better results

Course Outline

Download the full course brochure here.

Introduction to Programmatic
Instructor-Led | Lecture, case study, class discussion, group discussion, group project work, group presentation

  • What is Programmatic?
  • How it all started: The rise of Programmatic
  • The role of Programmatic in marketing
  • The programmatic Ecosystem: The relationship between a Publisher, an Agency, and Ad tech players
Programmatic Ecosystem and Methodologies
Instructor-led | Lecture, case study, group discussion, group presentation, group project work

  • Programmatic buying methodologies
  • What is Real-Time Bidding (RTB)?
  • The differences between RTB and Programmatic
  • The Programmatic ecosystem
  • What is an Ad Exchange?
  • The differences between an Ad Network and an Ad Exchange
  • Ad exchanges vs Demand-Side Platforms (DSP)
  • The definition of a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and how it works?
  • What is a Supply-Side Platform (SSP)?
  • The differences between a DSP, SSP, and an Ad exchange
  • What is a Data Management Platform (DMP)?
  • DMP vs DSP
Programmatic Advertising Strategies
Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, concept formation, drill and practice, case study, group discussion, group presentation, group project work

  • How to blend in Programmatic campaign from existing media strategies
  • Programmatic targeting methods
  • Programmatic platforms and how to choose the right one
  • What you need to start your Programmatic campaign
  • The cost estimates and pricing model of a Programmatic campaign
  • Setting up Programmatic advertising campaign on a DSP
Programmatic Optimisation
Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, drill and practice, case study, individual project work

  • Analysing success metrics of Programmatic campaigns
  • Aligning objective with various success metrics
  • How to optimise Programmatic campaigns
Future of Programmatic
Instructional-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, case study

  • Challenges of Programmatic
  • Ad frauds and Brand Safety
  • Talent and knowledge gap
  • Future of Programmatic: Connected TV, Radio, Music
Assessment Component
  • Case Study with Written Questions
  • Individual Project Presentation


A Certification of Completion will be issued upon achieving at least 75% attendance for the course.


Basic computer knowledge. It is recommended that trainees possess at least 1 year of experience in online advertising or have completed the WSQ Digital Advertising Course.

In-person classroom learning mode: Each participant will be provided a windows laptop for the duration of the course. trainees may however opt to bring their own laptops.

Online-classroom learning mode: Personal computer, stable internet connection of at least 10mbps, webcam, microphone, video conferencing platform, and other logistical requirements outlined in the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide.



Kang Kai Xin

Kai Xin is a Senior Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn, the largest B2B professional networking platform. She leads the digital advertising arm for new business initiatives across the ASEAN region and has expertise in translating and converting advertising media into business opportunities.

Corporate Clients

Be assured of the highest quality of training in the classroom.

Post-Training Support

On top of having access to your trainer’s contact, you will also enjoy the following post-training benefits:

Complimentary Refresher

1 free refresher seat (re-sit the course online) within 1 year after the course.

Clinic Sessions

Unlimited complimentary 3-hour small group clinic sessions with a subject matter expert for up to 3 years.

Alumni Support Group

Be part of a support group where you can post questions, discuss, and get feedback from the community.

Career Assistance

Fast track your career in digital marketing through our job placement assistance program.

Lifetime Course Membership Access

Gain lifetime access to constantly updated course resources via the learning portal.

Course Schedules

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Choose from online classroom and in-person (face-to-face) classroom learning.

In-Person Course Dates
Enhanced safety measures in place aligning to MOH's guidelines.

Course Duration:
1 day (9am - 6pm)

Course Schedules:
There are no in-person course dates at the moment. You may register your interest to be notified when they become available
Equinet Academy respects your privacy and will not misuse or sell your personal information.
Equinet Academy respects your privacy and will not misuse or sell your personal information.
Online Classroom Course Dates
Unfamiliar with how our online classes are run? Read the Online-Based Classroom Learner Guide before signing up for a class.

Course Duration:
1 Day (9am - 6pm)

Course Schedules:
There are no in-person course dates at the moment. You may register your interest to be notified when they become available
Equinet Academy respects your privacy and will not misuse or sell your personal information.
Equinet Academy respects your privacy and will not misuse or sell your personal information.

Course Fees

Course Fee:
S$798 S$500 nett


Questions? Check out the frequently asked questions below.

How is this course different from other digital marketing courses in the market?

This course provides you with bite-sized, yet comprehensive and actionable programmatic advertising strategies and tactics that you can implement right after the course.

At Equinet Academy, we are committed to delivering quality training:

  • We provide you with lifetime access to up-to-date course materials (learner’s guide, slides, templates, and other training resources) which you can still access after the training via the learning portal.
  • You will not sit through hours and hours of dry and tormenting lecture. Instead, you will experience fun and engaging sessions as we apply instructional design learning methodologies such as group discussions, group project work, case studies, interactive quizzes, and hands-on implementation of the concepts learnt.
  • You will be guided by an experienced professional in the field of programmatic advertising, who will be able to provide you with actionable advice and costly mistakes to avoid, thus shortening your learning curve.
  • You will be provided with additional support after completing the course.
What is the difference between the online classroom and face-to-face traditional classroom?
Typically, in a traditional classroom, classes are conducted with 1 trainer to 20 – 24 learners in a cluster or classroom seating format. Group discussions, group presentations, lectures, peer-to-peer coaching are all conducted face-to-face (in-person).

In an online-based classroom, lessons will be delivered via a video conferencing software, Zoom. Lectures will be conducted via screensharing, while group discussions and group brainstorming will be conducted via “breakout” rooms (individual virtual rooms) to split up discussions into smaller groups.

Both learning modes essentially offer the same course content and learning outcomes.

Read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide for a more detailed comparison on both formats.

Can't I learn everything online?
Our courses offer a very hands on approach so that you will be able to apply the concepts learnt in the courses in real life practical situations. Moreover, our trainers are industry experts who can clarify your doubts in real time. We also offer post-training support which includes up to three 3-hour small group clinic sessions with an industry expert, an online refresher seat within a year post-training, forum support, and lifetime access to up-to-date courseware via the learning portal.
Is 1 day sufficient to meet the learning objectives?
Equinet Academy’s courses are designed to provide bite-sized yet comprehensive information to be delivered within 1-3 days. The courses not only include theory but also hands-on practical experience so that trainees can take away applicable knowledge.

If you feel that you have not met the learning objectives at the end of the course, you are always welcomed to resit the course online without any cost on your end. You will also have lifetime access to the courseware online which you may review, and post-training clinic sessions to address your challenges with a subject matter expert.

If I have specific questions relating to my programmatic advertising campaigns after the course, can I consult the trainer?

Yes, you may most certainly book unlimited complimentary 3-hour small group clinic sessions with a subject matter expert for up to 3 years to clarify your doubts or address any challenges you may be facing. The links to book your clinic sessions will be emailed to you after your course.

Do I have to prepare anything before attending the course?
For in-person training, do bring along a laptop. You also have the option to loan a laptop from us for the duration of the course. You may also want to bring along a jacket in case the room gets cold.

For online classes, do ensure you have a functional laptop and have Zoom installed prior to class. For more details, you may read the Online-based Classroom Learner Guide.

Are there any other prerequisites/ criteria I need to meet in order to attend this course?
You are required to have basic computer navigational skills such as opening and closing, dragging and dropping, copying and pasting of files.

If you are no prior experience in advertising, attending the Digital Advertising Course prior to this course is recommended, although not a requirement.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for this course through this link. Once you have registered for the course, we will follow up with you via email regarding your course registration.

I'm still unsure whether this course can help me meet my objectives.

If you’re unsure about your learning objectives, you may complete this 3-question survey or claim your free 5-step Digital Marketing Strategy Guide. If you are still unsure whether this course is suitable for you, please leave your contact details here. A course consultant will get in touch with you to recommend appropriate course(s) based on your learning objectives.

Still have unanswered questions? Check out the FAQs page or submit an enquiry.

Course Fee

S$500.00 Nett

inclusive of GST. Original Course Fee: S$798.00

Programmatic Advertising

Harness the Potential of Programmatic and Advance Your Advertising Campaigns

Reserve your seat today

Course Fee

S$500.00 nett