Digital Transformation Courses in Singapore

Drive Business Success with Advanced Digital Transformation Capabilities

Unlock the Full Power of Digital Transformation

In today’s evolving landscape businesses are expected to be agile and innovative. Our Digital Transformation courses offer an exploration of how digital technology can be integrated into all aspects of a business leading to changes in operations and enhanced value delivery to customers.

Digital Transformation – Marketing Strategy and AI Technology

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to develop marketing strategies that work seamlessly in this digital era.

Digital Transformation – IT Strategy and Operations

Gain the knowledge needed to streamline IT operations and ensure they are in sync with your digital business strategy.

Work with the Best there is in Digital Innovation

Take your digital transformation skills to the next level with the best in business. Our instructors, proud industry veterans, bring firsthand experience in leading digital transformation. Prepare for tomorrow’s challenges with the perfect blend of theory and practice.

Digital Marketing Strategy Trainer at Equinet Academy Kelvin Koo
Kelvin Koo
Kelvin is the managing partner of MINISTRY, a digital consultancy within the GOVT Group. As a seasoned agency leader, marketing consultant, and educator with over two decades in the industry, Kelvin specialises in developing impactful, data-driven digital strategies for various prominent brands. His work has earned several digital effectiveness awards for clients, including Scoot, Audi, Klook, Doctor Anywhere and Wine Connection, with notable recognition in data-driven and performance marketing. As an educator, Kelvin brings tangible client experiences into the classroom, blending theoretical and practical learning in digital marketing.

Brendon Koh
Brendon Koh has 10 years of experience in data management, system integration and digitalization in various capacities as a project manager and consultant.

Why Learn From Equinet

Post-training Mentoring with Industry Experts

Re-attend the Course Once Within 3 Years

A Lifetime Access to the Community Support Group


Who should attend these digital transformation courses?
  • Business leaders and managers aiming to drive their company’s digital agenda.
  • Marketing professionals looking to integrate AI and digital strategies.
  • IT professionals seeking to align IT operations with broader business strategies.
Where are the courses conducted?
The courses are conducted both in-person at Equinet Academy, and online via Zoom.
How long is the duration of these courses?

The Digital Transformation Certification Programme consists of 2 modules, spanning 4 days (32 hours) in total. Each module spans 2 days (16 hours) long.

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