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Titan Lee is a growth hacker and digital marketer with more than 10 years of marketing experience that spanned TV shows (CNA – Angel’s Gate Series), media and events (TechinAsia), consumer electronics (3D Printers & Astronomy Cameras), and wearable technology (T.Ware’s Hug Jacket). In 2009, Titan started his first web solutions company, Y-ideas. Within two years, he was able to set up his second company UnlimitedHost, that offered web hosting services.

Throughout his career in digital marketing, Titan had the opportunity to work with hundreds of startups and SMEs to scale their digital marketing efforts through paid search (Google Ads), Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and E-mail marketing. This provided him with an intuitive understanding of the forces that govern today’s marketplace as well as an understanding that the bottom line matters. In 2015, he joined T.Ware as the Chief Marketing Officer. Within a year, he executed the Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign with TinyMOS and managed to raise US$365K in 30 days.

Titan has an astounding track record in developing and spearheading digital marketing campaigns, with a notable achievement on a Kickstarter digital marketing campaign for Pirate3D, a 3D printer company.​ With a budget of just US $50,000, his crowdfunding campaign secured pre-orders of US$1,438,765 from over 3200 backers in just 30 days. In 2017, he joined Tech in Asia as the Head of Growth. Titan currently holds the record for top crowdfunding campaign in Singapore as featured on TechinAsia.

Mostly self-taught, Titan started his own web development and web hosting company while pursuing his Business Degree in NUS. He has helped dozens of clients build websites on the popular WordPress platform, and E-commerce sites on a freelance basis.
With a passion for sharing digital marketing knowledge, Titan dedicates his free time as a lecturer & startup mentor with NTU, and a project advisor with SMU.

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Email Marketing Course
NICF Website Creation Course

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