Email Marketing Clinic Session Registration

As part of our on-going post-training support initiative, past trainees who have completed our courses are entitled to up to 3 clinic sessions of 3 hours each.

This 3-hour post-training support includes:

  1. A recap session of what was covered in the course
  2. Live Question and Answer session with a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  3. Live Case Studies shared by the SME and/or trainees with consultation provided

By the end of the session, trainees should be able to:

  • Re-affirm understanding of concepts taught through live case studies and consultation with Subject Matter Expert
  • Clarify any doubts on frameworks, processes, and strategies
  • Close any gaps in terms of knowledge and skills acquired during the previous training session

Terms and Conditions:

  • Trainees must have successfully completed the course i.e. maintained at least 75% attendance and passed any assessments
  • Trainee should sign up for the complimentary refresher seat should he/she forget more than 80% of the curriculum taught. This is to keep the session productive for intermediate to advanced-level trainees.
  • Curriculum may have been updated/revised and trainees may be advised to re-attend the course as a refresher trainee.
  • No video recording or photo-taking is allowed in the session, as there may be sensitive data revealed via live case studies shared during the session.
  • Postponing the session after registering uses up 1/3 complimentary sessions allocated to each trainee.
  • Post-training support is valid up to 1 year from date of last course attended.

Entry fee: Complimentary (A fully refundable $20 commitment fee will be refunded to you upon completing the session)