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If you share the same passion as us for Digital Marketing, we welcome you to write for us. All articles submitted will go through a thorough screening process for quality and topic relevance. Our primary target audience are local industry professionals, marketing executives, small business owners.

We are looking for writers with a strong written command of the English language, and are knowledgeable about Digital Marketing from both strategic and execution perspectives. You will write comprehensive, data-driven, and engaging posts that ensures your reader can take away insights needed to effectively tackle real-world problems afterwards.

Avoid dense jargon and abstract concepts without balancing research or examples to illustrate your point of view. If you are making blanket assertions such as “SEO is dead” or “All marketers need an MBA to stay relevant”, be sure to back those up with the relevant research or evidence.

Here are some types of articles that would fit with our audience:

  • Thought-leadership articles
  • Well-researched opinions
  • Fresh strategies that offer actionable tips
  • Tutorials or how-to guides

Do ensure that your work follow the guidelines below as closely as possible.

  • Your article should be 100% original and not plagiarised in any way.
  • Your article should be more than 500 words in length, excluding title and subheadings.
  • British English over American English.
  • When quoting others’ work, include references/external hyperlinks within the body.
  • Include at least 2 pictures. Ensure you own full copyrights to reproduce any images or graphics, or they are royalty free.
  • It would be a bonus if you can create your own simple diagrams or infographics to illustrate your point better. For example, in the article “What is SEO?”, the author has created a few simple illustrations using Keynote to help readers understand the points better.
  • Avoid sensationalism, inflammatory statements, and hyped-up clickbait. Here are some examples we do not accept:
    • “7 SEO hacks that are total game-changers.”
    • “Digital Marketing Is Dying: Change My Mind.”
  • Content should be comprehensive and backed by relevant examples to further illustrate the point. For example, instead of just stating that “emails should be sent at 7pm to maximise open rates”, explain why and back it up with a research or study.
  • Voice + Tone: Polished, warm, cordial, objective, constructive. You may also refer to the articles in our website to get a better idea of how we write.

How to get started:

You may submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or a detailed outline to us in docx format for review. It should have enough details for us to understand the point of the article and check if it aligns with our content strategy and branding. Please do not send us press releases or sales pitches. A brief outline of your past experiences or links to your previous writings will be very useful.

You may submit this through the contact form below. Our team will then review and let you know if we are interested in your work. We will respond to you within 7 working days, usually with feedback from our team.

If we accept your article, our in-house editor may contact you to further polish and refine your piece.

Our editing and review process

Your story may be edited for grammar, spelling, style, and SEO. We will still do our best to keep the tone and personality of the piece intact. Our subject matter experts may expound on your article.

We may re-write the headlines and subheadings to conform with our SEO best practices.
Equinet Academy reserves the right to exercise sensitivity and editorial judgement according to the local industry culture, best practices, and what we stand for.

Contributor Agreement

By submitting your content to Equinet Academy, you are agreeing to the following items:

  • Equinet Academy has exclusive rights to the content being submitted. Submitted content cannot be reposted onto other publications until 90 days after it goes live on Equinet Academy’s website and must have different headlines and subheads.
  • Share the published post on your social accounts and newsletters if applicable.
  • You have the copyright permission to use any media such as stock photos, audio, and music embedded in the articles.
  • The content is original and not plagiarised. Any works quoted will require proper usage of citations.
  • The work submitted may be repurposed by Equinet Academy for other project needs such as lead-gen PDF download handbooks and guides.
  • Certain posts may be selected for cross-posting on our LinkedIn or other social accounts.

Submit Your Article For a Review

Please use the following form to submit your article for a review.

  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, zip, txt.
    Allowed file extensions, docx, doc, zip, txt