Assessment Instructions

You have 90 minutes to complete your assessment. You may refer to your Learner’s Guide and conduct research using your laptop throughout the duration of the assessment. You may not, however, communicate with your peers or use any mode of communicative device upon commencement of the assessment.

  • Part 1: Written Assessment – Structured Questions/Short Answers

    - You have to complete all questions
    - This is an open book (printout) assessment
    - Please clarify if you are unclear of any questions

  • 1a) List two digital marketing analytics platforms.

  • b) Highlight two emerging trends in market research and digital marketing analytics.

  • 2) Identify four principles of digital marketing analytics and data optimisation. (How can digital marketing analytics help your business?)

  • 3) Your client wants your digital marketing agency to describe how you would measure their return on investment and marketing attribution.

  • Part 2: Case Study Assessment

    Before you start on this assessment, prepare the following:

    1. Navigate to the Google Merchandise Store
    2. Access the Demo Google Analytics Merchandise Store Account
    3. Select Date Range Jan 1st 2018 to Dec 31st 2018

    Answer the following questions based on the Google Merchandise Store website.

  • 4. The Head of Business Development of the Google Merchandise store asks you how Google Analytics is helping to address his business concerns. Come up with 3 business questions that can be addressed through Google Analytics.

  • 5a) Google Merchandise Store’s internal digital analytics team is reporting a high influx of daily traffic from the same IP address, deemed to be the internal marketing and sales team’s devices accessing the website via the company’s Internet Service Provider.

  • b) The digital analytics team recorded 223,253 goal completions over the past year. However, they were unable to determine exactly which campaigns these goal completions originated from.

  • c) The Google Merchandise Store’s Google Analytics recorded over 939,149 events over the past year. These events were tracked by installing Javascript codes individually on each link, which was not only extremely time-consuming, but left a lot of room for error.

  • 6a) Access the AcquisitionAll TrafficSource/Medium report. Over the past year, Google Merchandise store spent $120,000 on Google / Organic (SEO) and attributed a revenue of $403,752.52 from this channel.

  • b) Access the AcquisitionAll TrafficSource/Medium report. Which Source/Mediums had the highest revenue channel attribution?

  • 7a) You are the Head of the Digital Analytics in-house team. The senior management has requested for you to present key business and consumer intelligence insights and recommendations for improvement to them. Develop a presentation table for at least 2 key metrics below to convince the senior management to approve your plan for the following year:

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Appeal Process

Should the candidate not be satisfied with the outcome of the assessment, the candidate may submit an appeal to the administration office via email ( within 7 working days. An administrative fee of $107 will be charged per appeal. Upon receipt of the written appeal, Equinet Academy may request further documentation for review. The review will be completed within 30 days of receipt of the written appeal. The candidate will be notified via email of the outcome of the appeal within 30 days. All decisions of the appeal are final.